Making Dental Practice Design Possible and Affordable

Build Your Future workshops are in-person events where you can arrive with goals and ideas for your dream practice and leave with a solid game plan.

Over the course of two days, Benco guides you through the process of setting up your practice for success, serving as a one-stop shop. Every Build Your Future workshop combines all of the essential elements for collaborative dental practice design under one roof:

  • Multidisciplinary experts. Meet in-person with subject matter experts including practicing clinicians, practice management coaches, and Benco Dental’s award-winning design professionals, who have decades of combined experience crafting thousands of practices from coast to coast. Learn about dental office design, branding, finance, practice development, and more for a 360-degree view of planning and execution.
  • Amazing settings. While you’re there, go hands-on with the latest technology and equipment. Build Your Future workshops are hosted exclusively at Benco Dental’s groundbreaking CenterPoint design and equipment showrooms. Each location features the latest in operatories, CAD/CAM and 3D tech, stericenters, lasers, handpieces, mechanicals and more.
  • Three convenient locations. Our CenterPoint showrooms are located close to major airports, so no matter where you live, you’re only a few short hours away from a Build Your Future workshop. Choose from suburban Los Angeles, CA; suburban Dallas, TX; and Pittston, PA located between New York City and Philadelphia, PA.

Can’t make it to Build You Future in person? There’s also Build Your Future On Demand, which not only offers all of what makes the in-person event so useful, but also can be enjoyed at your own pace without pulling you away from the responsibilities of running your practice. It even makes a good preliminary step in the process for those attending Build Your Future in person.

Who Is Build Your Future For?

If you’re planning a dental practice, it’s for you. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying to renovate, or building from scratch. It also doesn’t matter if this is your first practice, or your fiftieth. Practice design trends are constantly changing and evolving at a faster pace than ever. What you thought was true just a few short years ago about topics like operatory size, patient flow, sterilization and inventory management have changed a lot. You wouldn’t buy a brand new car today with yesterday’s technology, would you? Of course not. And by the same token, it makes little sense to invest in a practice that’s dated and behind the curve from the day you welcome your first patient.

“Coming to a workshop where you’re going to hear from multiple speakers on different discipline has just been invaluable and given us a lot of clarity.”

Dr. Craig Ball

What’s New for 2023?


Dr. Tristan Hamilton is a practicing dentist who also studied architecture. Who better to define design intention…talk tricks and tips of laying out a good design for a dental office…and how to maximize space? Plus, attendees can schedule 1:1 time for individual discussions.
Dr. Jessica Bell, a digital dentistry specialist, will talk about the power of digital dentistry, how to use latest tools and techniques, and also conduct a demo.
Dan Wicker, CPA, a certified financial planner specializing in dentistry, will talk about tax planning, when and how to bring on associates, and how to protect business investments including your property.


• The principles of user experience design as they impact built environments;
• How to create a strong brand;
• Using interior design to create the desired patient and staff experience;
• Construction milestones and processes;
• Creating a roadmap to practice success by understanding financial and non-financial metrics for success, break even point, team development.

When Are Build Your Future Workshops Held?

JOIN US AT CENTERPOINT DALLAS ON NOVEMBER 16 & 17, 2023 for our next program!

Based on demand, additional workshops are scheduled at various times throughout the year at all three of our CenterPoint showroom locations. Sign up for updates, and we’ll stay in touch with the latest locations and dates.

What’s So Special About Visiting One of Benco’s CenterPoint Showrooms?

Since launching in 2010, CenterPoint showrooms are still the biggest and most comprehensively equipped facilities in all of dentistry. CenterPoint is like an Apple store for dentists and anyone charged with creating or renovating a practice, whether it’s private and for-profit, non-profit, or even part of an institution or government facility. We want you to try it all, with no pressure. It’s not about what we want to sell, it’s about what choices work best for you, and the only way to do that is showcasing all of the best products from top brands under one roof. Questions? Our CenterPoint Experience Specialists have answers on the spot.

And by the way: CenterPoint showrooms aren’t just for workshops. You can plan a visit to your nearest CenterPoint design and equipment showroom anytime to meet with designers and test drive equipment.

Why Choose Build Your Future Over Other Dental Practice Design Options?

Certainly, there are many quality resources and services providing dental office design and architecture. But none offer an immersive experience like Build Your Future, where doctors can explore the complete spectrum of options at one time and make key decisions confidently.

There’s one more thing to consider: no other dental distributor has been designing practices as long as Benco Dental. Yep, we know, that sounds like a commercial. But the fact is, we’ve been doing it since the 1970s, back when “space planning” was the #1 consideration and design was likely limited to reception area furniture, carpet, and wallpaper. Today, of course, a truly successful office design must support both the practical and emotional needs of patients and team members alike. Executing a design that accomplishes those goals takes a lot of experience and wisdom about applying proven best practices in smart, forward-looking ways.

Dr. Tristan Hamilton talks dental practice design at one of Benco Dental's Build Your Future workshop.

Can you plan a practice without attending Build Your Future, either in-person or on demand? Absolutely. Benco Dental designs hundreds of practices nationwide with plenty of opportunities for remote consultations and back-and-forth collaboration. Build Your Future simply accelerates the “getting started” process and arms attendees with lots of information in a very short period of time, so you can quickly move through the planning stages and into confidently executing the design of your dreams.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend?

Doctors are invited attend at no charge, subject to availability. Transportation, accommodation and food is included. Guests may also attend for $500 each, also subject to availability.

Can I Also Get Help with Marketing and Branding?

Yes, and that’s one of the things that makes Build Your Future extra special. Experts from Benco Dental’s Build Your Brand team are at every Build Your Future workshop to help you brainstorm new brand elements like logos, update your current branding, and even cohesively integrate you visual identity into your practice’s interior design—and vice versa.

Check out more examples of branding we’ve created, and if you can’t wait to get started with your own branding project, schedule a no-obligation consultation.

What If I Can’t Attend in Person?

Build Your Future On Demand was made for you!

 In our new virtual format, Build Your Future invites dentists who are building, expanding, or renovating a dental practice design to work at their own pace online via Benco Dental’s digital learning platform, Benco Dental U, available here.

What can you expect from Build Your Future On-Demand? 

  • Over one dozen design-centric content modules
  • On-demand, self-paced access to practical and applicable information.
  • A range of experts who can answer questions and offer valuable advice across applicable specialties, including Tristan Hamilton, DDS, M. Arch, one of America’s leading experts in dental office design; Melissa Sprau, NCIDQ, Benco Dental’s VP of Brand, Communications and Design; and Sean McNamara, RA, Benco Dental design manager. You can hear from a few of those experts here.

So…Why Wait Any Longer?

Build Your Future is a one-of-a-kind opportunity where all of the people, products, and answers you need for creating your dream practice are all in one place. Every aspect of the experience, from the facilities to the collaborations, are designed around you. If you want a shortcut past indecision and a lack of complete information that may be holding you back, then make plans to attend. In two days or less, you could be on your way to a brighter, more rewarding and invigorating future.