Creating a brand identity is more than creating a logo. Allison Simenkiewicz, brand identity specialist for dental practices nationwide, guides her clients through the process of crafting their own identities. She notes that crafting a brand should encapsulate not only personal philosophies but should also be representative of the patient experience.

“Branding is very personal, so it’s a lot of emotional stuff. If it just feels right, it probably is right.”

Allison Simenkiewicz, Brand Design Specialist with Benco Dental

Simenkiewicz’s careful process begins with an in-depth conversation to craft a personal, meaningful logo, rather than churning out generic designs. Through her process, she is able to craft delicate, professional logos that fulfill creative and technical aims.

“Everyone gets excited about branding because it’s your voice out in the world,” Simenkiewicz says. “I’m lucky that I get to help doctors channel that and show it off.”

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