Bacterial in nature, Peri-implant disease is one of the most significant risks associated with implant failure rates.  The disease is identified as either peri-implant muscositis, which affects up to 80% of implant patients or peri-implantitis, which affects 25% of patients.

In the October 2018 issue of Dr. Gordon Christensen’s CR Report, he addressed the issue of effective implant scaling.  According to Dr. Christensen, the Athena titanium implant scalers and curettes have been rated number one in the industry and received excellent results for firmness, tactile sensitivity, and ease of calculus removal.

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Jaclyn Schiller, MBA, at A. Titan Instruments recently shared insight with on peri- implant disease, including detection and preventative measures.

“Given the fact that there are numerous complications that can lead to the failure of an implant, with Peri-Implant disease being one of them, familiarizing oneself with how to properly identify and treat the disease is half the battle.
There are many different techniques to choose during treatment, however to be successful, one must develop a consistent treatment strategy that starts off with mechanical debridement through the use of effective instrumentation.”

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Family founded, owned, and operated, since October of 1998, A. Titan Instruments shares its mission of enhancing the quality of patient care by providing superior quality products and instrumentation on the cutting edge of dentistry.  Learn more about the Titan Implant Scaler Kit, shown,  by A. Titan: click here.

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Learn more about the Titan Implant Scaler Kit, shown,  by A. Titan: click here.