Fast? Accurate? An alternative to milling?

Meet a 3D printer that meets all the accuracy requirements to create polymer-based dental appliances: Kulzer’s cara Print 4.0.

What sets cara Print 4.0 apart from the other 3D printers on the market?

cara Print 4.0 is a 3D printer that produces monochrome dental appliances, layer by layer, using a high-quality photopolymer. The printer delivers precise restorations both faster and more economically than other printers on the market, according to Kulzer.

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Quick & Easy

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, both beginners and those experienced in CAD/CAM digital dentistry can benefit from the production speed of cara Print 4.0.

  • One hour or less to print most restorations
  • Simultaneous printing of multiple restorations
  • Digital Light Projection (DLP) generates each layer in a single flash

Precise & Accurate

cara Print 4.0 results in smooth, homogeneous surfaces. The exceptional precision in the z-axis and the finely tuned parameters for each material mean that dental technicians can position restorations in almost any direction – and always achieve the perfect fit.


The in-house manufacturing process with cara Print 4.0 reduces costs and production time for many applications when compared to analogue methods, milling and other 3D printers, according to Kulzer.

  • Additive process means minimal waste compared to milling
  • Long-lasting resin tray, rather than disposable
  • Refill system rather than cartridges that require care in cleaning

Universal Solution for all Polymer Restorations

Due to the size of the material tray and exceptional 3D accuracy, cara Print 4.0 can be used for the production of all polymer-based dental appliances

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