Earl Scruggs, Steve Martin … Dr. Paul?  Following the path of legendary balladeers who incorporate truth telling and humor into their performances, Ohio practitioner Dr. Paul T. Brown puts his musical talents front and center with the release of his latest work, Life at the Piehole.

Since 1986, when he released his first dental album Man with a Mission, Dr. Paul has been combining his passions for music, humor and the dental profession. He and “The Matrix Band” traveled to perform at dental meetings and conferences all over the United States.

Today, he combines over 30 years of private practice experience, a lifetime of acoustic string musicianship, a unique sense of humor and clever songwriting into his latest offering. He contributes vocals, banjo, guitar, fiddle, dobro, resophonic banjo, mandolin, electric bass, percussion, harmonica and jaw harp to the album.

Round and round and round we go,
faster faster you’re too slow
’til the pulp is liquified
and the tissue’s chicken fried.
– lyrics from “30 Second Crown Prep,”  by Dr. Paul

Though lyrics like those above might generate guffaws, it’s the serious musicianship of Dr. Paul that will keep listeners plugged in and possibly get them up and dancing.

Listen for yourself at: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drpaul2

Book a show or learn more at: https://www.drpaulsmusic.com