Misplaced dentures are ranked among lame sick-day excuses (false teeth flew out the car window) and at the root of unique acts of kindness (dentist replaces dentures flushed down the loo). Most recently, one Massachusetts woman recently blamed her brush with the law on the artificial appendages.

Caterina Froio-Chaput, of Oxford, according to a report by the Telegram & Gazette, told police that false teeth had been planted in her pocket as, ahem,  false evidence.

Facing charges for allegedly yanking said teeth out of another woman’s mouth and throwing a beer bottle at her, Froio-Chaput presented her claim.

The backstory: According to the Telegram & Gazette story, police say she told police she confronted an American Legion bartender who she believed was having an affair with Froio-Chaput’s estranged husband.