You’ve put in the time and expense to create a dental practice – a design that personifies you and puts your patients at ease.

How do you keep the beauty intact?

Sherwin Williams Custodian™ Paint Maintenance Manual, which unsures that the facility stays pristine — with the correct coatings and colors being used for repaints and touchups.

“Maintenance painting can be a real challenge for building owners today. A single facility can have dozens or
even hundreds of different types of paints, sheens and colors used throughout the building — and when the
time comes to repaint or touch up an area, figuring out the correct coating and color can be tough,” said Interior Designer Greg Marinelli of CenterPoint Design at Benco Dental.

The Custodian Paint Maintenance Manual adds value to every project. It pulls together all the relevant information in one easy-to-use, professional document.

“When it comes to paint selection, matching the appropriate finish coating with intended application is just as important to the finish scheme as selecting the right color,” said Interior Designer Jessica Isgan, CenterPoint Design at Benco Dental. “This handy tool from Sherwin Williams helps identify finish/coating needed for every paint application your project requires.”

Color samples, Material Safety Data Sheets, care and cleaning instructions – all part of the Custodian™ Paint Maintenance Manual.