The pace of technological advancements in dentistry continues to accelerate. The dental industry has experienced a whirlwind of technological advancements, revolutionizing the way dental professionals operate, that has sped up even more in the last few years. From innovative diagnostic tools to cutting-edge treatment methods, technology is reshaping every aspect of dental practice.

Traditional techniques are being replaced by digital alternatives. As a result, staying abreast of these rapid changes is essential for dental professionals to provide the highest quality care to their patients.

However, there is one area of the technological revolution that many dental practices are not placing enough emphasis on: cultivating their online presence.

A website used to feel like an afterthought, an unfortunate necessity that allowed patients to find information about your practice like your location and phone. This has changed: more and more, your online presence is how your patients first form impression about you. With increasing competition, social media and online marketing becomes your greatest tool to attract new patients to your practice.

A man kneels before a flowchart superimposed on the floor in front of him. He points to the phrase "ONLINE MARKETING" at the top of the chart. Arrows lead from the words down to boxes labeled "Content Marketing," "Search," "Pay," etc.

A Whole New (Online) World

For dental professionals, navigating the realm of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) can pose significant challenges when it comes to marketing their practice effectively. Firstly, establishing a strong presence on social media platforms requires time, effort, and strategic planning. Crafting engaging content that resonates with your target audience while adhering to professional standards can be daunting. Moreover, maintaining consistency across various social media channels and responding promptly to comments and inquiries demands ongoing dedication and resources.

Secondly, mastering SEO optimization to ensure your practice ranks prominently in search engine results can be complex and time-consuming. Understanding algorithms, keyword research, and website optimization techniques is essential but can seem overwhelming. Furthermore, the competitive landscape of online search means staying ahead requires continuous monitoring and adjustment of SEO strategies. Without the expertise or resources to navigate this terrain effectively, dental professionals may struggle to maximize their online visibility and attract new patients.

In July 2023, Benco Dental officially partnered with Lasso MD, a market-leading patient acquisition platform that provides a wide array of services that all work toward a singular goal: using digital tools to bring you more patients.

There are enough daily tasks, obstacles, and obligations to fill your calendar every week, but ignoring online marketing avenues is going to put you behind the competitive curve. Many offices do not have dedicated online marketing staff, and adding social media and SEO optimization to existing staff may lead to overwork and burnout. Further, there are seemingly endless options for marketing agencies, SEO tools, and online advertising solutions, each one requiring time and resources to evaluate and implement. So: what’s the solution?

One option is to simplify. Lasso is an all-in-one media marketing solution that condenses the world of reaching new patients online to four elements that they make simple to implement for any dental practice: well-designed websites, photo and video shoots, SEO marketing, and social media content.

Capturing Attention: Upgrade Your Website

Lasso offers patient-centric websites, prioritizing speed, search optimization, and appealing aesthetics, specifically designed to cater to dental practices. These RapidLaunch websites are built to load quickly and rank well on search engines, ensuring potential patients can find the practice easily.

Dentists have the flexibility to choose a layout that best represents their brand and services. The efficient website building process means practices can go live online within a matter of days, minimizing downtime and maximizing their online presence. Whether it’s highlighting services or providing essential information, Lasso’s websites are tailored to meet the needs of both practitioners and patients alike, and the arduous work is all in their hands.

Paint a Flattering Picture with Photo and Video Content

One of the most important ways of making your first impression online is giving potential clients a visual frame of reference. You are proud of your facilities: patients should feel that pride when they see how you represent your practice. Your patients are happy with the care they receive from you: give them an opportunity to share these testimonials with the world!

Lasso’s offerings for dental practices extend beyond just website development, encompassing a range of services tailored to enhance online presence and engagement. Through their Content Collections and The Creator Network, dentists can incorporate fresh videography and photography into their RapidLaunch websites on an annual basis. These services include captivating branding photography, showcasing the practice’s unique identity and atmosphere.

A professional camera sits in the foreground, its lens focused on a white backdrop where three figures in soft focus are arranging lights to frame the photograph.

Additionally, patient testimonials and doctor interviews can be seamlessly integrated, adding credibility and authenticity to the practice’s online presence. Furthermore, Lasso provides the opportunity to create practice commercials and video banners, allowing dentists to engage with their audience in dynamic and compelling ways. By leveraging these multimedia tools, dental practices can effectively communicate their expertise, build trust with potential patients, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

Use SEO Optimization to Your Advantage

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can seem like a mysterious world, made up of the hidden backend elements of your website and combinations of keywords that can help or hurt you, depending on how they are implemented. Not everyone who can build a website is an SEO expert, but Lasso believes you should have both at your disposal.

Measuring the impact of social media and SEO efforts on practice growth presents its own set of challenges. While metrics such as likes, shares, and website traffic provide valuable insights, interpreting these data points and translating them into actionable strategies requires analytical skills and digital marketing expertise. Without clear goals and benchmarks in place, it can be difficult to assess the return on investment of marketing initiatives accurately. Overcoming these hurdles requires a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing principles and a willingness to adapt and evolve strategies based on performance metrics and industry trends.

Lasso provides comprehensive search optimization strategies tailored to increase website traffic and verify results for dental practices. Through transparent monthly activities and detailed reports, dentists gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their SEO efforts. Lasso’s approach includes ongoing optimizations both on-site and off-site, ensuring that the practice’s website ranks high in search engine results and attracts more visitors.

What’s the point of all this SEO-speak? It’s simple: these tools get more patients to your website, more attention to your services, and reach markets you couldn’t before. Dental practices can strengthen their online presence, attract more potential patients, and ultimately grow their business through incisive SEO efforts.

Social Media Specialists

More and more, people are using the internet primarily on their phone, and they spend a major portion of that time on social media apps. Traditional advertising efforts simply aren’t as far-reaching or as powerful as they once were. Rather than making dental practices struggle with trial-and-error efforts at mastering social media posting, Lasso developed comprehensive Social Media Content services. Through those professional photo and video shoot sessions, dentists can capture authentic and engaging visual content to share on their social platforms. This includes real photography and videography, ensuring that posts resonate with audiences and reflect the genuine atmosphere of the practice.

Moreover, Lasso offers the convenience of automated posting, streamlining the process of sharing content across social media channels. Unlike generic graphics or stock photos, the content produced through Lasso’s services is tailored to highlight the unique personality and expertise of each dental practice, fostering genuine connections with followers and potential patients. Social media is now a massive part of online traffic, and effectively leveraging the power of visual storytelling is the way to engage this audience and build a strong online presence.

A chart of six icons describes the 6 services that Lasso MD offers: Website Design, Creative Branding, Photo & Video, Lead Generation, Lead Management, and Patient Scheduling.

Lasso MD’s creative and branding services.

Making the Investment Worth It

Let’s face it: we will all be putting time, energy, and money into online marketing and our online presences regardless of field or specialty. What was once a nice “extra” is now a basic essential. If you’re going to make an investment of some kind, it’s important to make it a worthwhile investment.

Emphasizing a holistic approach to marketing, Lasso MD places paramount importance on achieving optimal performance and user convenience. Tailored plans are meticulously crafted to align with the unique goals and financial parameters of each dental practice. By consolidating services, practitioners can potentially save up to $10,000 annually compared to engaging multiple vendors.

For dental professionals seeking to enhance their practices with modern branding and effective content marketing strategies, Benco and Lasso MD have come together to offer the simplest possible package to give you everything you need to optimize your online presence in one go.

To learn more about digital dentistry and all the expanding avenues for your practice to grow in, contact Benco Dental and find your path into the future.