Whether or not the U.S. Senate’s bill to make daylight saving time permanent in 2023 (Sunshine Protection Act) will meet with approval by the House of Representatives and the President remains to be seen. The House, though, supports a Sleep Awareness Week (March 13-19) to recognize the importance of sleep health. On this topic, dentistry is decades ahead of the curve and has been involved in treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea since the 1980s. One dental innovation even provides relief for 67 percent of adults who snore — Solea Sleep.

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How can dentists provide proven relief to adults who snore?

With a non-surgical treatment that takes five-minute to administer at the dental practice, Solea Sleep allows dentists to provide rapid relief. Solea Sleep tightens the soft palate and reduces vibrations that cause patients to snore.

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At a three-month follow-up to the Solea Sleep treatment, how did one light -to-moderate snorer fare?

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Dentists can improve sleep for adult patients who snore and offer anesthesia-free, blood-free, hard and soft tissue procedures with one innovative tool?

Operating virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free with Solea® laser significantly increases production at the dental practice. Dentists can work in multiple quadrants in a single visit, fill cavities discovered during hygiene checks, and perform soft tissue procedures they would have referred out prior.

Find out more about how dentists who use Solea routinely perform six or more additional procedures a day HERE.

How can dentists offer patients a zero-anxiety experience?

Patients want noise-free, needle-free, drill-free, blood-free, suture-free experiences. When dentists take the source of anxiety out of the experience, they get more patients and keep them longer. New patients referrals go up, and attrition goes down. Find out how this unique experience effects dental patients HERE.

Done with dozing this week? Get tips on on how to survive the daylight saving time shift.

According the New York Times’ Caira Blackwell, there are more than a few ways to “combat the groggy darkness of mornings during DST“. Find a few she recommends HERE.

Wondering how your sleep aligns with others in America?
The 2022 Sleep in America® Poll results are in, and the National Sleep Foundation’s annual survey offers insight on everything from bright light exposure, consistent meal times and vigorous activity. Learn more HERE.