Which dentist doesn’t strive to create a healthy practice and healthy patients? Positive change is necessary, whether it comes in the form of aerosol control and sterilization systems that protect, ergonomic cabinetry that reduces risk of injury, or innovations that promote preventative care. In March, Benco offers 30+ ideas for dental practices with positive results that will last well beyond this month.

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How can these 30+ ideas for dental practices help dentists and their teams?

Aerosol control and sterilization systems protect.

  • Sterilization Systems (2)

    Consider a sterilization center with modular configurations and affordable pricing by DCI Edge (Series 5, shown) or one with Medex moisture-resistant board, integrated backsplashes and sink bowls and a 12-year warranty by Herman Miller designed by Benco.

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  • Aerosol Control Systems (4)

    The Beyes DuraMax Extraoral Suction System removes contaminants produced during dental procedures using the most advanced Quattro layer filtration system and HEPA H14 filter, 10 levels of power control and a 30-month warranty.

    Nederman’s FX2 Aerosol Control System captures aerosols at the source with its zero-footprint, quiet solution. Exhaust outdoors or recirculate with medical grade HEPA option.

    Forest Hands-Free High Volume Evacuator fits most dental chairs quickly and easily.

    ADP-SC70 by OSO Pure offers affordable protection using dual technology for air safety. It disinfects surfaces you place in its zone, making it more effective than sprays or wipes.

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Ergonomic chairs support and comfort, and ergonomic cabinetry that reduces risk of injury.

  • Ergonomic Cabinetry (2)

    Midmark Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry can improve ergonomic reach and visibility, which reduces risk of stress and strain injuries. Also, it features storage efficiency and infection prevention benefits.

    MCC Dental’s Signature Collection of rear and side cabinets is a celebration of craftsmanship, quality and design efficiency. It offers a 15-year warranty and ushers in a new era in cabinets for dental office environments.
  • Dental Chairs (1)

    DCI Edge Series 5 Dental Chair features four layers of high-density foam that adapts to all body types to provide patients with support and comfort. Their ergonomic design provides easy access to the oral cavity along with the ability to practice while seated or standing.

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Innovations promote preventative care and safety.

  • Hygiene handpieces and prophy angles (6)

PRO-SYS Professional Hygiene Handpiece features a 360 degree swivel head for maximum control while offering power, durability and balance.

Premier AeroPro Cordless Prophy Handpiece offers a three-year warranty, promotes hand and wrist health and according to a new UCI study generates less aerosol, less splatter than others.

  • Electric toothbrushes (1)

PRO-SYS Professional VarioSonic Electric Toothbrush is ADA Accepted, customizable and rechargeable. Five brushing intensities and five brush heads equals 25 possible options for brushing.

  • Water flossers (2)

PRO-SYS Professional JetFloss Go Water Flosser offers cordless portability and a waterproof design while PRO-SYS Professional JetFloss Water Flosser provides 12 quick-connect tips designed for gentle cleaning in the hardest-to-reach places.

* Innovations in gum health, sealants, flossers, hygiene instruments, varnish, prophy paste, toothpaste (10)

Learn about the unique benefits of these preventative oral health products:

ECO Balance Gum Health Formulation by GLO Science Professional,
Crest® Oral-B® iO® Transformational Gum Health System,
Pulpdent Embrace Wetbond Pit and Fissure Sealant,
Hager Worldwide Happy Morning Toothbrush with Paste for pre-appointment giveaways,
PRO-SYS Kids GIraffe Flossers,
Sterling Supreme Premium Hygiene Instruments,
Iris White to Clear Varnish,
PRO-SYS Professional Prophy paste,
Centrix FluoroDose, and
Twice Oral Wellness toothpaste in cooling spearmint eucalyptus flavor.

SARS Antigen and At-Home OTC Covid 19 tests (2)

Find out how the Quick Vue SARS Antigen test and Quick View At-Home OTC COVID-19 test provide solutions.

  • Water treatment options (5)

Review an assortments of options for treating waterlines based on EPA regulatory standards and testing and maintaining dental unit water quality for CDC compliance:

Z3 Waterline Treatment Tablet,
Z3 Water Purification Straw
ProEdge In-Office Dental Water Tests
Monarch Lines Cleaner by AirTechniques, and
Sterisil SMART Compliance Single Operatory Kit.

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Through March 31 Benco Dental offers special financing on equipment such as Midmark Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry and DCI Edge’s Series 5 Sterilization Center

Special financing and exclusive extended labor warranty through March 31 is among Benco’s ideas for dental practices

Through March 31, Benco Dental offers special financing on equipment such as Midmark Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry and DCI Edge’s Series 5 Sterilization Center plus cool new products like Twice’s Oral Wellness Toothpaste in new flavor, spearmint eucalyptus.

Exclusive extended labor warranty of 2 years of coverage.

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