Take it from Dr. Michelle Farnoush: There are many ways to achieve a goal. Recently honored as one of the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40, this Nevada-based dentist is living proof that embracing a non-traditional route to dentistry can lead to success. She shares her personal journey with Benco Dental Managing Director Rich Cohen, host of today’s Driving Dentistry Forward podcast.

“You need to embrace that path. I’m proof that you don’t have to go the traditional route, and you need to take advantage of those experiences….We live in a world where social proof is very relevant. And doing other things makes you more well-rounded. You can connect better. You have better experiences. Don’t be afraid of that. It’s OK. You can still get to your goal.”

Dr. Michelle Farnoush, Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 honoree

For Dr. Farnoush, the world of dentistry is a perfect fit for her high standards and continuous strive for excellence. Helping patients at Summerlin Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Las Vegas build confidence over time and enjoy a higher quality of life is extremely rewarding for her, and it’s hard for her to imagine having any other career.

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Want to hear from America’s top young dentists? Rick Cohen speaks with Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 honoree Dr. Michelle Farnoush at the Driving Dentistry Forward podcast.

Every other Thursday, hosts Chuck Cohen and Rick Cohen welcome top influencers in the world of dentistry to share the moments that shaped their careers, changed their outlooks and inspired them to action. Who better to ask than America’s top young dentists Incisal Edge magazine’s 40 Under 40?

Today Rick Cohen speaks with a member of the Class of 2020, Dr. Farnoush, who after getting a degree in human kinesiology at McGill University in Montreal, studied (at Harvard, mind you) business and health policy, then got another master’s in nutrition from Columbia, where her thesis explored the prevalence of pediatric caries. She graduated from the Kois Center for Dental Excellence and has completed advanced certification in implantology with the AAID and facial aesthetics with the AAFE.

Learn more about what put Dr. Farnoush among the #IE40Under40 elite ranks here.

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