A live virtual workshop from Benco Dental offers CE credits and helps dental professionals navigate OSHA and HIPAA inspections in a COVID-19 climate. Benco Dental will present Inspections & Audits & Fines, Oh My!, on August 6, from 1 to 3:00 p.m. EST. The informative seminar, as part of Benco’s Gateway 2021 Crossing The Bridge in Dentistry series, will feature one of the country’s most recognized dental compliance industry experts, “The Wizard of OSHA & HIPAA Regulations,” Jill Obrachta. Learn how a dental office can best prepare for an OSHA or HIPAA Inspection, by implementing the multitude of new COVID-Management and Infection Control Requirements.

Want to register and earn two CE credits? Purchase a seat for $49 here

Three ways an August 6 virtual workshop with Jill Obrachta will help dentist professionals navigate OSHA and HIPAA

This program will help oral care providers to:

  • INSPECTIONS: Review current OSHA & HIPAA requirements to the new COVID-19 standards.
  • AUDITS: Understand three critical components that all inspectors will expect to see during dental office audits.
  • FINES: Realize 2021 OSHA & HIPAA monetary fines currently being issued for OSHA & HIPAA non-compliance.

Jill Obrachta is the founder of Dental Enhancements and now serves as their Director of Research & Development. She will provide discernment on how to turn an OSHA & HIPAA Program into an asset, not a liability. This engaging compliance workshop will be powerful and allow you to “follow the yellow-brick-road” and get expert answers.

Register to learn how a dental office can best navigate OSHA and HIPAA inspections with new COVID-19 standards

The virtual workshop is $49.00 and counts as two CE credits, [5826-591]. Purchase a seat here or contact a Friendly Benco Dental representative.

Only one person will be able to join the webinar per registration link, you must purchase additional “seats” in the course. Limited to 50 participants. This is an introductory class and does not serve as certification in any area of OSHA, GHS, or HIPAA compliance.