From art galleries and residential real estate sites to The Museum of Flight in Seattle — and now the nation’s largest dental showrooms — Matterport 3D tours create interactive experiences.

Their unique visual offerings: Real-life spaces transformed into digital twin models.

More than a decade ago, Benco Dental opened the first superstore for dentists in North America — a CenterPoint showroom — where an immersive experience changed the way equipment and technology is selected.

Earlier this year, they enlisted Matterport to help create a CenterPoint Experience (CPX) option that ensures customer safety and accommodates restrictions created in response to COVID-19.

CenterPoint showrooms in Pennsylvania, Texas and California are among businesses in 130-plus countries, including some of the world’s largest companies, who depend on this the industry leader in 3D capture technology and spatial data.

To create the Matterport 3D tours, each CenterPoint showroom underwent six to eight hours of photography, according to Lisa Peifer, CenterPoint Genius supervisor for Benco Dental.

She explained the preparation that took place in advance of the Matterport image creation.

“For days leading up to the August, 2020 photography session we were attentive to every detail, knowing that the showrooms would be frozen in time to create the ultimate buying experience for our customers.”

Are you ready to experience Matterport magic in a CenterPoint Experience?

From the comfort of their office or home, a dentist can select a three-dimensional tour using interactive Matterport models.

Glimpse Benco Dental’s CenterPoint showrooms where dentists can virtually envision and assemble the ingredients of their dream practice. Explore the videos and galleries at:

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