A guide to navigating Continuing Education options and a new publication dedicated to hygienists — what more could you want from a Monday?

Ready for a focus on hygiene?

Meet a new publication so dedicated to dental hygiene and the professionals who provide it that it’s named in tribute: Hygiene Focus.

Page after page of content created by Benco Dental, in collaboration with more than 21 oral health care companies arrives today. Instruments, scalers and curettes, prophy paste, handpieces, sanitizers, cleansers, varnish, sealants, prophy angles — 32 pages of all that’s innovative awaits.
To check out Hygiene Focus, click here or find it at the Benco.com publication center: https://www.benco.com/catalogs/

A guide to navigate CE credits

While individual requirements vary by state, all 50 require some amount of Continuing Education credits for hygienists. CE credits are an opportunity to learn something new or refresh knowledge on an old topic. Not only will you benefit, but your patients, community, dental hygiene students, and the population you work with will as well. Selecting the right course can feel overwhelming.

Use this as a guide to navigate the best choice for you.

  1. Analyze the basics.
  • State requirements for OSHA and infection control.
  • The type of practice where you work (private or public).
  • Personal interests.
  • Course level.
  • Course objectives.

2. Answer a few key questions:

  • Do you work in a specialty?
  • Does the course fit your budget?

3. Research the speakers and read reviews.

Always remember to switch up your CE courses. No one likes to eat the same dinner three nights in a row – why should you repeat a CE?

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, new accessibility to CE courses is available. Virtual events save time and money and provide more opportunities to try a new course.

The ADHA provides CE Smart, a service that stays on top of trending topics, manages your courses, credits, transcripts, certificates all in one place. Check it out here: https://www.adha.org/continuing-education

Find your state’s requirements for CE courses here: https://www.mydentalce.com/collections/dental-ce-requirement-by-state