Five bucks from the Tooth Fairy might seem an innocent offering to sway a wiggly-toothed five-year-old to task.

But a $500 electric toy Escalade for a dental visit? Or a Disney World trip worth more than five times that amount for the restoration of four broken teeth?

@NYPost‘s Doree Lewak recently analyzed what parents with disposable income will do to avoid a “snaggled” smile on their child.

(Shutterstock)                                         Game 2 of the 2010 World Series game between San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers   in California.

Whether labeled bribe or reward, the prizes that some parents proffer (designer handbag? World Series game?) have upped the ante, according to the article.

Is an extraction worth extortion?

A prosthodontist and a few pediatric dentists weigh in on this growing trend.

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