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The XP Technology featured in American Eagle sharpen-free instruments earned a victory in the magazine’s “Practice Game Changer” category.

According to RDHmag.com, the instruments retain their sharp edge longer than regular stainless steel instruments:

“Using the Rockwell C Hardness scale, most stainless steel instruments are in the 58 to 60 range for hardness. American Eagle XP instruments rank at 89 for hardness. Diamond is rated at 100 on the hardness scale.”


Therese Stewart, RDH, MS, an instructor at a dental hygiene program in Florida shares her thoughts in a blog,  Stewart discusses the student response to the XP technology and the advantages of the ergonomically-designed instruments:

“When the students returned (from a dental board review in Atlanta, Georgia), they couldn’t stop talking about how fantastic American Eagle Instruments XP Technology is. They were completely impressed that they are “sharpen-free” instruments that remove calculus effortlessly and with complete patient comfort.

After all…who likes to sharpen instruments?

They recognized the significant difference between these instruments and the stainless steel instruments that are currently used in clinic. They also recognized that the technology that is used to make these unique instruments is much different than stainless steel hand instruments.

XP Technology sharpen-free instruments are surface engineered with titanium nitride. Comparing them to stainless steel instruments would be like comparing piezo ultrasonics to magnetostrictive ultrasonics.”

Read more from Therese Stewart, RDH, at: https://am-eagle.com/news/2016/a-star-is-born

Purchase American Eagle XP Technology sharpen-free instruments at: https://shop.benco.com/Product/3556-930/scaler-de-gracey-15-16-xp-el?SearchId=4479685b-446e-45fe-9f3e-6848b9c6ee45