Summer produce. Fresh seafood. Can’t wait for summer and all things delicious about this season to arrive?

Incisal Edge spirits columnist Lauren Mowery (who has covered the world through the lens of drink for pubs including Wine Enthusiast, Forbes and Saveur) offers five reasons to pair Riesling with your summer food favorites and to give this white wine another sip.

“It is a common misconception among wine drinkers that all Riesling is  — say it together now– sweet. Or off-dry, at any rate. Not so: Although long-lived dessert wines from Germany helped launch this noble grape to fame, these five bottles, whose provenance spans the globe, prove that many of the finest Rieslings come dry.”

Mowery sets the scene in the Summer issue of the dental lifestyle magazine:

“As the days grow longer and conditions ever more sultry, you’ll find that nothing pairs better with the bright flavors of summer produce or a platter of fresh seafood than one of the crisp, juicy bottlings. Their lack of sugar, meanwhile, not only dials down the sweetness but also makes them ideal recommendations for any oenophiles among your patient logs. Perhaps Riesling’s intense acidity might wear down enamel over time, but for this summer, at least, these five offer delectable flavor with no cloying sweetness. A dentist’s best friend? You be the judge.”

Of which five bottlings does she speak? From Australia, Austria and Germany, to Washington and the Finger Lakes of New York, Mowery’s recommendations run the gamut.