Paint with a Twist. Wear an Ugly Sweater. Guess the Number of Dog Bones/Turkey Feathers/Holiday-Inspired Items in the Jar. Pick Your Plaque (Away). Remain Cavity-Free.

In the suburbs of Philadelphia, at North Penn Pediatric Dental Associates, LLC, the goal of engaging young patients comes second only to providing optimum oral health care.

What began with the inspiration of Dr. Richard Galeone in 1972, has today evolved into a team of six doctors, and a staff of more than 20 who provide pediatric and adolescent dental care, as well as orthodontics. Their aim: to teach children the proper way to care for their teeth and learn that going to the dentist can be fun.




Their latest feat: a Summer Selfie Smile Contest.

For a chance to win cool prizes through July and August, the practice invite patients to choose favorite dental props (some examples below), take a selfie and upload it to the practice Facebook page or send an email to  

Are they doing something right?  An array of smiling contest winners, and 43 years of returning patients say yes.

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