“It would be a difficult task indeed to find anyone, anywhere, who has exerted more influence on dental education than Dr. Gordon J. Christensen.”

The opening line of an Incisal Edge description of one of the magazine’s 2016 inductees of its Innovators Hall of Fame says a mouthful.

For the fifth year running, lncisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine lauds the mem­bers of its burgeoning Dental Innovators Hall of Fame, and welcome three new inductees into this exclusive club, one being Dr. Christensen.


“The founder of Practical Clinical Courses, a continuing-education company that provides classes and videos for dental students worldwide, Dr. Christensen has presented an astounding 45,000 hours of CE across the globe (as well as publishing objective research on thousands of dental products) over the course of his illustrious career.

He has hardly been alone in those endeavors; he and his wife, Dr. Rella Christensen, are the founders of Clinicians Report, the influential industry newsletter that has been publishing vital dental research since 1976. Dr. Gordon Christensen remains a practicing prosthodontist in Provo, Utah; two of his and Rella’s three children have followed their parents into dentistry.”

The truest innovators in any field are the ones whose discoveries and great works stand the test of time. In dentistry, that means the people who have made a tremendous impact on our profession in a host of ways -whether through product development, service to others, sheer historical import or some combination of the three.

Learn more about the magazine’s 2016 honorees, Dr. Richard M. Pelton, a dentist, and his friend Ernest Crane, an electrical engineer, in the current edition of Incisal Edge: https://viewer.zmags.com/publication/813983b8#/813983b8/50