Who’s to say? But modern men might be seeking them, or larger dopp kits, at the very least.

The reason: somewhere to stash their new grooming gadgets.

Wall Street Journal’s Steve Garbarino, once a young self-proclaimed “ChapStick man” recently (at age 50) shared his first-person foray into the expansive selection of  “technological beauty breakthroughs.”

Teeth took top billing.

Among the products he discussed is none other than the Edison Award@-winning GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device. (First year for the Edison’s dental category, as featured in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle mag.)

‘Pout’-o-matic Lip-Perfecting System. HairMax LaserBand. Bliss ‘Pore’-fector Gadget Skincare Device —  Garbarino gave them all a whirl,  a buzz, or a beep.

“What in the bee’s wax happened to me, a guy who has always cast a skeptical eye on men’s beautifying and grooming products and who cringes at the mere mention of words such as balmsalve and exfoliate?” quipped the columnist.

2015_JuneJuly_WhiteningFlyer 1For his humorous – and informative – take on technology’s slide into men’s grooming rituals, read on: https://www.wsj.com/articles/mens-grooming-gadgets-suspicious-or-spectacular-1434135897?tesla=y

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