By Alison Majikes/Special to

While some 95-year-old men struggle with mobility, Dr. Charles Eugester just set the bar a lot higher for his age bracket.

The dentist, who hails from the United Kingdom, smashed the world record for the 200-meter dash back in March.

According to an article on, Dr. Eugster set the new record at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in northeast London.

Dr. Eugster set the bar high in the over-95 year old category, shaving 2.4 seconds off the previous record (held by Orville Rodgers set back in 2013) and finishing with a time of 55.48.

The sprinter is apparently an overachiever for his age, as he set a British record for the 60-meters the day before, according to

How does Dr. Eugster stay so healthy and mobile? He told a British newspaper that he eats freah fruit in the morning and sips on protein drinks after workouts.

On his website, the dentist offers useful tips on life, including “ Successful aging requires work, diet and exercise. The huge mental and physical potential of the aged remains unexplored. Bodies can now be rebuilt at any age and a new life started.”

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