The Dentistry from the Heart concept, which since 2001 has inspired thousands of dentists to provide aid to the growing number of Americans without dental insurance, changes lives with every event.

Since its inception, registered non-profit organization  has grown to include over 200 annual events nationwide and has provided more than 60,000 people with an estimated $8 million in free dental care services.

In Florida this month, three professionals working together to provide 64 patients with their choice of a filling, extraction or cleaning contributed to a lifesaving effort.

According to a report by, the event hosted April 3 by Dr. Amber Wiebe of Santa Rosa Beach Dental and husband, Dr. Olivier Broutin of Bluewater Bay Dental along with Dr. Anishkumar Patel of Panama City, Fla., helped offer vital information to an attendee.

One of the patients seen during the free dental event was found to have oral cancer, a disease that may have remained undiagnosed without this event.

In addition to the time dedicated by hygienists, assistants and other dental professionals, a total of $20,000 of dental care was donated to the community in good faith. A number of local area businesses also made in kind donations to the event including Benco Dental and Publix Super Market.