A party tray shaped like a football field can feature endless varieties of cheese and serve as a SuperBowl buffet of tooth-strengthening calcium and a protein called casein. Gouda, White Cheddar, Havarti and Chipotle Jack — all effective in protecting the surface of your teeth.

The example shown above, as part of a pre-Bowl party planner by grandslamsmiles.com, also features kale turf, red grapes, whole wheat crackers and summer sausage, but its author is not advocating for crackers, which can stick to teeth and promote bacteria growth.

Whether you’re in it for the game, Katy Perry’s halftime show or the Puppy Bowl, there’s bound to be an array of food at your Big Game celebration, and surprisingly many options that can contribute to good oral health.

* Hummus. Protein rich chickpeas don’t contain any saturated fat or cholesterol, making hummus a good choice for your overall health.  Chickpeas are also rich in folic acid, which keeps your mouth healthy by promoting cell growth throughout your body.

* Veggies. Raw veggies require lots of chewing, which stimulates and promotes healthy gums.  Carrots contain beta-carotene that your body uses to create vitamin A (this build strong teeth.) Cucumbers offer a healthy alternative to chips, are rich in vitamins B and C and have even been shown to help freshen breath and naturally whiten teeth.

* Dip. If it’s comprised of sour cream, it’s set to provide another boost of calcium, which also helps to keep your teeth strong.

Not sure what to nosh? Find 10-minute recipes and suggestions at: https://grandslamsmiles.com/blog/tooth-friendly-super-bowl-snacks/