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Alison Majikes

You won’t see Dawn Divano wearing a Seahawks jersey around her office, despite the fact that it’s plastered in Seattle and 12th man memorabilia.

Divano, a Dentist right in the heart of “12th Man” territory walks around her practice, located about 70 miles outside of Seattle, in…wait for it… a Tom Brady jersey.

The avid Patriots fan based her practice in the Northwest about 10 years ago, but has strong roots in the Northeast where she grew up, according to an article by Kristen Drew of

Dr. Dawn M. Divano, a Patriots fan will attend

Dr. Dawn M. Divano, a lifelong Patriots fan will attend the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona tonight with her husband.

The dentist supports the Seahawks, but not when they’re playing New England. Lucky for her, the two teams she loves will face off tonight in the biggest game of the year for the NFL, the Super Bowl. Divano’s husband is an avid Seahawks fan and they are also season ticket holders so she admits that when Seattle isn’t playing New England she will root for her West Coast team.

“My section they all know that I’m a Patriots fan and I will root for the Seahawks anytime they’re not playing against the Patriots, but this is going to be a tough one,” said Divano.

The good news is the football-loving dentist will be attending the game in Glendale, Arizona tonight with her husband.

“I love the Seahawks. I love the Patriots. I really want the Pats to win but this can’t get any better,” said Divano. “This is really exciting.”

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Alison Majikes is a Customer Service Representative at Benco Dental with a journalism degree from Penn State. She will be watching the Super Bowl tonight while still mourning the Colts loss.