Where are visitors welcomed with complimentary glasses of wine and heated blankets?

If Manhattan dental offices were not your first guess, it’s understandable.

None of the dentists’ offices have been licensed by the State Liquor Authority, according to SLA spokesmen, and are not allowed to serve the wine even if it’s free, as reported  by Aidan Gardiner for DNAinfo.com.  That has not stopped several trendsetters from trying to put their patients at ease prior to time spent in the dental chair.

“It’s an extra something that helps you dread the dentist a little less. I don’t know why more places don’t do it, quite frankly,” said a 29-year-old longtime patient at Nolita’s Marini and Manci, DMD, located at 21 Spring St., who asked that her name not be used.

“The wine helps take the edge off.”

Dr. David Janash of Park South Dentistry at 30 Central Park South told Gardiner:

“We offer the beverages as part of our efforts to create a welcoming, boutique, spa-like environment in the office and make patients more comfortable. We also provide cozy blankets for people while they get treatments and warm, scented towels to refresh their face and hands. Our patients love it.”

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