Are you looking to increase and optimize your social media presence? Join Benco Dental’s Lucy Hobbs Project and social media expert, Crystal Washington to learn how to effectively use social media within your practice. Hired by companies including Google, Microsoft and GE when they want their teams to take action online, author and internationally – acclaimed expert Crystal Washington will tailor a discussion on social media specifically to dental professionals. The Lucy Hobbs Project will offer a Virtual Innovation Meeting July 11 at 11 a.m.: “Social Media Part II” during which Washington will outline the cultures of the largest social networks and the best way to use them; discuss how age and other demographics affect your social media strategy and explain how those in the dental industry can best use her expert tips for increasing engagement. Register here: Upcoming Lucy Hobbs Project regional events in the marketplace include:

  • July 17 in Columbus, Ohio – “A Night of Wine and Laughter,” featuring Laughing Yoga Instructor Gail Sky, to benefit

Dress for Success

  • July 30 in Sacramento, California – “Life and Work Balance,” featuring Robyn Thomason, to benefit CDA Cares
  • July 31 in Reno, Nevada – “Destressing Your Office,” featuring Rebecca Brown, Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor,

to benefit Second Chance Consignment Boutique

  • August 15 in Wilmington, Deleware – “Training Your Brain to Stay Sane,” featuring Dr. Carmelina D’Arro, Dentist and

Reikki Master, to benefit Dress For Success

  • August 20 in Minneapolis, Minnesota – “Life and Work Balance,” featuring Life and Business Coach Chris Naylor,

to benefit Dress for Success

To access details regarding these events or to sign up for The Lucy Hobbs Project, visit: