“Becoming a dentist was the only thing I ever wanted to do.” Crowley has fond memories of her childhood spending time at the dental office her mother worked at. Although she was too young to understand the more complex aspects of the profession, she was still fascinated with the profession. As she grew older, this did not change. She realized that her childhood interest in dentistry would be an excellent fit for her in the future. This led her to attending Rhodes College where she graduated in 2017 with a degree in biology. From there, she now attends the LECOM School of Dental Medicine where she is scheduled to graduate in 2023.

The People Who Inspire Her Most

When asked about the people who inspire her, Crowley emphasized the impact her sister has had on her. Her sister, Jackie, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma during Jamie’s second year of school. Despite her illness, Jackie remained positive every step of the way, making it a priority to brighten up the days for others. Jamie was amazed by this display of positivity during a difficult time. She has done her best to emulate this behavior in hopes of making others feel better, even during difficult times. Her Inspiration from the professional world comes from Dr. Grant Collins (The Braces Guy). His approach to dentistry and his outreach efforts have been a great inspiration to her. Dr. Collins uses his strong social media platform as a way of making dentistry more light-hearted and fun. In addition, his Adopt a Shark project has helped provide pediatric cancer survivors with braces. The impact he has had on others within his community and around the world has inspired her to strive for similar accomplishments in the future.

Using Her Platform to Help Others

Crowley’s biggest contribution to others is her emphasis on teamwork. As a dental student, she understands how difficult it can be to take on all the work by yourself. Students need help with studying, test prep, etc. She has taken it upon herself to help students who may be struggling so that they do not feel alone in the process. The curriculum at LECOM is arranged in a fashion where underclassmen work quite a bit with upperclassmen through clinical experience. She has taken this time to help become a mentor for the younger students. In doing so, she has had a positive impact on these underclassmen who have struggled at times.

Struggles She has Encountered at Dental School

As one can assume, dental school is no walk in the park. Students will encounter various difficulties throughout their education and Jamie is no exception. Her biggest struggle early on had to do with time management. Her first two years consisted heavily of studying/preparing in simulation labs, looking after patients, lab work, and formulating treatment plans. Without a proper schedule, this would become overwhelming for many, including Jamie. To combat this issue, Jamie began creating clear schedules for herself in order to create time for all her work. Additionally, she made sure to add leisure time into these schedules for activities she enjoys or spending time with family. Her excellent use of time management has helped Jamie excel in her studies.

Why Dentistry is Important to Her

There are many reasons why Crowley wants to become a dentist, but one is very close to home for her. Her sister’s cancer was detected by a scan from her chiropractor. This scan helped detect the disease early on. “I think sometimes we get caught up in being ‘just a dentist.’” This showed Jamie that medical professionals other than physicians can still perform life-saving roles in people’s lives. As a dentist, she will be able to help detect neck and head cancers in patients by performing screenings for every patient’s visit. By doing so, she will be able to help find these cancers early on, in turn giving the patient a better chance at recovery. Her desire to help others will be able to save lives in the future.

Jamie hopes to provide others with life-saving treatment through her work in dentistry

Jamie’s Plans for the Future

“It is unbelievable how quickly dental school has gone by.” Jamie has completed a large portion of her dental education as of today. She is currently applying for orthodontic residency programs. Following this step on her journey, she hopes to settle down in Georgia as a licensed dentist.