Dr. Ozair Banday, DMD, CAGS, fondly known as Dr. Oz, is a prosthodontist in North Andover, Massachusetts. While a practicing at North Andover Dental Partners, Dr. Oz still finds the time to pursue his other arts-related passions.  

Dr. Oz is a practicing prosthodontist at North Andover Dental Partners in North Andover, Massachusetts.

How did Dr. Oz become interested in dentistry?

Coming from a family of dentists, he was inspired at a young age by his mother’s interactions with patients as an implantologist, noting her patience and kindness for her patients. His mother was not his only inspiration in the dental field, however, as his father worked as a dental technician. In an interview, he recalled the lessons he learned from his father.

“Looking back he really did teach me how to be more resilient in the face of adversity. To never give up and always pick back up no matter how great the fall.”

Dr. Oz, North Andover Dental Partners

Now, as a prosthodontist and one of Incisal Edge’s 40 Under 40 top young dentists in America in 2022, Dr. Oz continues to learn from those around him. He attributes some of his success in the field to his need to out-do himself and continue improving in a healthy way.

Dr. Oz explores his passions beyond dentistry, one of which is a love of jazz and ballet.

Beyond his success in the dental field, Dr. Oz finds time outside of his professional life to pursue his other passions. In addition to oral health care, he developed a passion for dance, beginning his practice of ballet and jazz in his early 20s. He continued to dance until COVID-19 led to the shuttering of several dance studios.

What was Dr. Oz’s most memorable performance?

“It was the closing of the Jeanette Neil Dance Studio right before COVID. We danced our last dance to a jazz number and that to me was most memorable. Had some fun times!”

Dr. Oz, North Andover Dental Partners
Beyond his hobbies, Dr. Oz finds time to travel. He notes that travel is one of the most important things that a person can do to learn more about the world!

Beyond dancing, Dr. Oz explores other art disciplines in the form of visual art and cooking. These seemingly disparate passions share more with dentistry than one might initially think. “Practice makes you better… perfect is just a moving target – so you never stop practicing!” Dr. Oz explained in an interview. When asked what drew him to the prosthodontic specialty, he said “the art form that it is.”

In addition to his achievements, Dr. Oz works to give back to his community. He aims to pass on his knowledge to doctors across the nation.

While Dr. Oz is passionate about the arts, he calls giving back “the ultimate reward”.

“I continue to teach at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and lecture every now and then. I mentor a few doctors in my area and even nationally and I do it because I think knowledge is something that should be shared.”

Dr. Oz, North Andover Dental Partners

His passion for mentorship led him to start a small startup company for mentorship called OB1 Dental (Yes, like the Jedi!), which he hopes to continue to grow in the coming years.