On February 27, in support of Ukrainian people, Dr. Miguel Stanley drove a van packed with medical supplies, baby formula, and diapers 2,500 miles from Lisbon, Portugal to Poland. Dr. Stanley shares the journey about his mission to Poland in support of those who have been displaced by war in the most recent episode of the Benco Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast. Listen HERE.

Host Chuck Cohen interviews Dr. Stanley, founder and CEO of the White Clinic in Lisbon, who explains what prompted him to action. He also discusses the network of support put in place by “dental community’s unsung heroes” and offers details on a Day of Education, Quintessence Live Aid, that will enable all those in the dentistry to offer assistance just by registering.

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“The outpour of support from strangers, and just from everybody after two years of human isolation where people weren’t that connected just filled me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for humanity. … This atrocity brought humanity together again and gave us energy to go…”

Dr. Miguel Stanley, Founder and CEO of the White Clinic in Lisbon on the Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast discussing support for Ukranians

What inspired Dr. Miguel Stanley to action to assist Ukranian people? One of the 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry explains in an interview with the Benco Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast

“About a month before the bombs fell in Kiev, around Ukraine, my wife started getting a bit nervous and we started getting rumors it was about to go down…. I don’t think until the day before anybody really believed it was going to happen,” said Dr. Stanley, whose wife’s family lives in Ukraine.

At that time they brought his wife’s father, sister and her child to stay with them in Portugal. And when the war began, Dr. Stanley reached out to a friend and colleague located in Kiev, who connected him with a dental distributor to provide and organize immediate care for Ukrainians.

He shares a personal journey in which he delivered support and later returned to Portugal with displaced Ukranians.

“These are people who three days before had cell phones, bank accounts, microwaves, ovens, homes, Netflix… they are looking for family members….”

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How can the global dental community support Ukranians?

Dr. Stanley is among speakers at Quintessence Live Aid on April 29 from which 100% of the registration fee will be donated to a humanitarian appeal in Ukraine. 

He explained that through Quintessence Publishing in Germany, 15 speakers and five moderators from all over the globe are offering a Day of Education, and by participating, those in dentistry can actively help support the dental community in Ukraine.

As the founder of SlowDentistry.com, a non-profit based in Switzerland, Dr. Stanley supports clinicians committed to ethics in practice management. He is one of the first dentists to ever give a TEDx talk and host a documentary on dentistry for National Geographic. Dr. Stanley is an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry and has lectured extensively in over 50 countries on many fields of modern dentistry, from cosmetic dentistry to complex oral surgery, practice management and ethics.

“As a surgeon, I am trained to remove problems and focus on the healing. I believe that humans instinctively want the best for each other. If we have a cancer like what’s happening now, there is treatment. And it’s going to be tough and there’s going to be pain and it’s not going to be easy, and it’s going to need a lot of healing but it’s going to happen if we all come together and help fix this.”

Dr. Miguel Stanley

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