To celebrate Valentine’s Day and Pet Dental Health Month, a few dentists describe how they show their pets love. From fluffy poodle mixes and energetic Boston terriers to comforting orange cats, Valentine’s Day is a time for everyone to show their pets a little extra love. Dentists are no exception.

Some pets offer a calming presence to dentists at home and others to patients at their dental offices. Dentists can return the favor with an extra game of fetch or quality time together. Meet a few dentists and the pets they love.

Dr. F. Joseph Ferrara and dental associate Dr. Sydney Lahasky with Chewie and Obi outside Ferrara Family Dentistry in Madisonville, Louisiana.

How does Dr. F. Joseph Ferrara of Louisiana bond with his dogs Chewie and Obi?

Ferrara Family Dentistry is home to two poodle mixes, Chewie and Obi. Weighing in at 75 pounds, Chewie is a golden retriever and poodle mix. Obi, short for Obi Dog Barkenobi, is a poodle, golden retriever and schnauzer mix and weighs just 35 pounds. Obi’s smaller size allows him to sit on patients’ laps during visits to provide comfort. These lovable pups put a smile on everyone’s faces, from dental patients to Dr. F. Joseph Ferrara and his family.

Dr. Ferrara, wife Laura, and their children Rebecca, 12, and Noah, 10 show their pets love by spending quality time together.

“I show them love with one-on-one time spent. Whether we go for a walk to throw the ball to play fetch (usually until I get tired, since my dogs usually don’t!), they know I love them with the application of quality time spent.”

Dr. F. Joseph Ferrara, Ferrara Family Dentistry, Madisonville, Louisiana

Dr. Duane Sprau, his wife Melissa, and their children Rowan and Elliot, share the love with Boston Terriers Lewis and Rosie.

How does Dr. Duane Sprau in Dallas, Pennsylvania show his two Boston Terriers that he cares?

In the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, Boston Terriers Lewis and Rosie spend their days patrolling around and investigating the neighborhood with their owner, Dr. Duane Sprau. These energetic pups are a very important part of Dr. Spraus’ family and practice, Sprau and Clements Family Dentistry. He makes sure to make them feel loved by going on long walks with them.

“There’s nothing our pups love more than a walk around the neighborhood… of course, neighborhood walks are accompanied by lots of treats for good behavior,” Dr. Sprau said.

Dr. Duane Sprau, Sprau and Clements Family Dentistry, Dallas, Pennsylvania

Lewis is larger and mostly brown, while Rosie is smaller and mostly black.

Dr. Carlos Huerta gives back to his dog, Luna, after she cares for patients at his Midtown, Manhattan dental practice.

In Midtown, Manhattan, Dr. Carlos Huerta brings his dog Luna into his practice, The Dental Boutique, to help comfort patients during dental appointments. After a long day of greeting patients, giving snuggles, and lying on laps, Luna receives extra pampering at The Dental Boutique and at home.

“Once we’re home, she gets a little extra snack and dedicated snuggle time by my side, with no sharing. She is an amazing Valentine to share every day with!” said Dr. Huerta.

Dr. Carlos Huerta, The Dental Boutique, Midtown, Manhattan

Luna is an essential part of The Dental Boutique’s comfort management team and deserves all the extra love this Valentine’s Day.

How Dr. Carole Ann Boyd gave her giant poodle, Max, the best life.

The 2021 Lucy Hobbs Project Industry Icon Dr. Carole Ann Boyd, Dallas, Texas, loves her dog Max so much that she shared many details of their relationship and history to celebrate Valentine’s Day. At just eight weeks old, Max, Dr. Carole Ann Boyd’s giant poodle came home with her for the first time. Since that time, Max has been loved and supported endlessly. Dr. Boyd made sure to stay home with Max while he was being introduced into her life, and afterward showed Max a variety of experiences that some people would envy. Dr. Boyd and Max have traveled from Montreal to Key West to California. Due to his size, Max must fly in first-class bulk head, but he has also been on trains, buses, limos, subways, and boats.

Other than bringing Max along on amazing journeys, Dr. Boyd shows Max that she cares by brushing his hair regularly, and cutting it herself. In addition to the attention to detail Dr. Boyd gives to Max’s haircuts, she also knows that Max loves Dog TV, so she always turns it on for him to enjoy. Whether she’s giving Max the medicines and foods to keep him healthy, or committing to regular cuddle-time, Dr. Boyd considers herself a very lucky woman to have a dog like Max to love.

Dr. Richard Weber shared the spotlight at his Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 photo session in New York City with his pup Daisy.

Dr. Richard Weber of Love Your Smile Dental Center, New Jersey shows love for his pup at home and on the road.

Nothing says love like a New York City photo session. When Dr. Richard Weber earned the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 award, he brought Daisy the dachshund, a new member of his family, along as a special guest for his magazine photo shoot. Since then, Daisy has maintained the high profile spotlight as a familiar face on the Love Your Smile Dental Center Facebook page.

Dr. Beatriz De La Roche introduces Ginger to Rachel Pugh, a visitor at Tender Care Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Beatriz De La Roche showed love to Ginger from day one at her practice

From the day one, when Dr. Beatriz De La Roche welcomed a tiny orange stray kitten into Tender Care Pediatric Dentistry in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, she showed loving care. In those early days Ginger, who earned her name via a patient contest, traveled from patient to patient in Dr. De La Roche’s uniform pocket. Before long, Ginger’s trendy cat fashions and comforting, gentle nature made her a fan favorite among the young patients’.

Dr. De La Roche refuses on principle to have Ginger declawed, so Ginger wears nail caps.

“Sometimes she’ll have a French manicure, sometimes she sparkles.”

Dr. Beatriz De La Roche, Tender Care Pediatric, Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, told Incisal Edge magazine in 2014.