In dental industry news, Dental Advisor announced Monday that Linda Bellisario has been appointed as their Vice President of Customer Engagement.

Bellisario will develop market positioning, advance customer relations and drive growth for the company, according to a statement from Dental Advisor. Bellisario brings over 25 years of dental industry experience, including two decades of strategic development and plan execution with domestic and international organizations. She has an extensive clinical background and has held leadership positions in the dental industry with an emphasis on marketing and business relations. She received her degree in Dental Hygiene from Farmingdale University and a B.S. degree from Pace University.

Dental Advisor appoints Linda Bellisario as Vice President of Customer Engagement.

Why does Dental Advisor leadership feel Linda Bellisario will be an asset to their team?

“We’re excited to have Linda join the Dental Advisor family,” said Dr. Sabiha S. Bunek, D.D.S., CEO.

“Linda’s clinical experience combined with her marketing and business skills will help Dental Advisor strengthen relations, develop strategic alliances and expand our presence.”

Dental Advisor Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Dr. Sabiha S. Bunek, D.D.S., CEO

Dr. John M. Powers, Ph.D., President, added “Linda’s vast experience will provide the perfect synergy of education and research.”

Mary Yakas, COO, further stated, “We believe her depth of experience, knowledge and management capabilities will complement our growing team and enhance our deep commitment to our customers.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the Dental Advisor team,” said Linda.

“I believe Dental Advisor has a great business model and talented team that uniquely positions it to be the global-leading industry expert in providing the dental pro­fession with evidence-based and clinically significant information that positively impacts the quality of care provided to patients.”

What is the Dental Advisor product-testing process?

Since 1983, Dental Advisor has been serving the dental profession through consulting with hundreds of manufactur­ers and distributors. The cornerstone ofDental Advisor’s service to the industry is their unique ability to test products and provide valuable feedback both in laboratory research and clinical experience. Products and Equipment may be reviewed at any time, pre- or post- market. Some research is confidential, other research is published.

Dental Advisor is also a publication which published six times per year, each issue having a main topic categorical focus, clinical evaluations from their over 300 volunteer dental practices, and research either in biomaterials or micro­biology. For more information, visit or email