Kay Huff, RDA,Practice Solutions Ambassador with Benco Dental recently earned recognition as one of Dentistry Today’s ‘Leaders in CE and Dental Consulting”. For Huff, her presence on the iconic red cover came as a spectacular surprise.

“I was not able to sleep, I was so excited. This means so much to me — it’s a huge honor,” said Huff, who brings 40 years of expertise to her role as a dental consultant and educator.

The Woodville, Texas resident motivates dental teams across the U.S. with her trademark enthusiasm. Her messages of leadership and practice solutions are delivered on behalf of Benco, the nation’s largest privately owned full-service distributor of dental supplies, equipment, consulting and services.

When does Kay Huff consider herself most successful in her vocation as a dental coach, consultant and educator for Benco Dental?

Most affirming for Huff in her vocation: Growth her clients.

“Working with someone who is just beginning and seeing them grow into their leadership role is so fulfilling,” said Huff.

“As mentor, I love to help doctors and practices just starting out. Seeing them become profitable and retain patients is my greatest career accomplishment.”

Kay Huff, Benco Dental Practice Solutions Ambassador, reflecting on her inclusion in Dentistry Today’s ‘Leaders in CE’

Kay Huff discusses two leaders who she credits as catalysts for her growth professionally: Linda Miles and Chuck Cohen.

“Inspiration comes from Linda Miles and her seminars that I attended back in the 80s,” Huff said, referencing Miles, an accomplished consultant, speaker, and author of works on dental-practice management and team development who has influenced the business and balance sheet of more than 800 U.S. dental offices.

Miles, who earned the Lucy Hobbs Project Industry Icon Award in 2019 at age 76, began her career when she was 17, working for $1 an hour as an assistant at a dentist’s office in her native West Virginia.

Kay Huff, RDA, recently earned recognition as one of Dentistry Today's 'Leaders in CE and Dental Consulting".
Dew Life Founder Anne Duffy, left, and Benco Dental Director of Coaching, Kay Huff, right, celebrate their friend and colleague Linda Miles, recipient of the 2019 Lucy Hobbs Project Industry Icon Award, at Benco’s Lucy Hobbs Project Celebration in Chicago.
(Benco Dental/Michael John Gentle)

“Chuck Cohen is always pushing me and challenging to me reach higher,” Huff said of the Benco Dental Managing Director.

“He sees a clear vision when you can’t, and encourages you to take the leap.”

Advice for dentists and dental practices from Kay Huff, one ofDentistry Today’s ‘Leaders in CE’

  1. Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate your practice.
  2. Decide what you’d like to improve.

3. Sit down with your team and ask what they’d like to learn.

4. Schedule CE now, so it’s not overlooked in the future.

5. Constantly refine technique, as it will improve your dental team and you!