Is there anything better than floss? At we’d like to answer with a hard no, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss how anyone can elevate their oral care routine with a water flosser. Recommended by dental professionals, JetFloss™ helps reduce inflammation and risk of periodontal disease when used prior to brushing.

What makes a water flosser better than regular dental floss?

Water flossers power away plaque and tiny food particles with a perfectly focused water jet. JetFloss™ uses the oral irrigation power of the water flosser to:

  • remove food debris from hard-to-reach places
  • helps prevent gum and periodontal disease, like gingivitis
  • reduce inflammation
  • freshen breath
  • reach around teeth and under the gumline more effectively than floss.

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Four tips make the JetFloss water flosser invaluable to your oral care routine

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When we reference tips, we’re not just talking about helpful suggestions. The JetFloss – literally ( Can anyone say that word as well as Rob Lowe? ) – provides four types of tips.

Tongue Tip: Helps freshen breath and remove bacteria. Helps prevent plaque buildup.

Periodontal Tip: Massages gums while reaching gently into pockets.

Jet Tip: Reaches around teeth and under gumline more effectively than regular dental floss.

Orthodontic Tip: Cleans around braces, veneers, partials, implants and other orthodontic appliances.

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Looking for an alternative to standard dental floss?

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