Waiting for that elusive “spare time” to reduce the risk of cavities and protect your smile with preventative oral health care? Then National Dental Hygiene Month offers the perfect refresh for your daily dental routines, especially when it takes only two minutes of brushing, two times each day to make a difference. Get started today with tips on how to use and when to replace an interdental brush and preventative care tools like manual toothbrushes for teens, kids of all age groups and adults, VarioSonic Electric toothbrush, JetFloss™ Water Flosser, and more HERE.

Ready to refresh your daily dental routine with tips and tools during National Dental Hygiene Month?

Find 10 Tips to Maximize Effectiveness of a Manual Toothbrush and other preventative care hacks like a Step-by-Step Guide on Flossing Properly Before or After Brushing HERE.

Not sure you’re even at risk for cavities? Children, teens, and adults can all be at risk. And, according to MouthHealthy.org, if any of these (below) describe you, then your risk might very well be increased:

•    Snacks between meals
•    Eats sugary foods and drinks
•    Have a personal and/or family history of cavities
•    Have cracked or chipped teeth
•    Take medications that cause dry mouth
•    Have had head or neck radiation therapy

Learn more about how to reduce the risk of cavities: HERE.

Ever wonder if an electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush works better?

If that hasn’t been keeping you up at night, chances are this question for the ages has: Are floss picks as effective as regular floss? (That one’s of particular interest to the team at TheDailyFloss.)

On our lunch breaks, we frequently debate the merits of these questions and more like them. Don’t wait another moment — gather all the info you need to win the next dinner table debate about healthy teeth topics. Learn more HERE.

Convinced that you should do everything in your power to end the “fuzzy”- teeth feeling after meals?

Banish the bacteria and food buildup after meals and the source of the “fuzzy” teeth feeling: get brushing to remove the sticky substance a k a plaque — and protect your teeth. Prepare to find some award-winning toothbrushes (electric and manual) along with everything from a cordless water flosser to a Sammie the Panda Kids Suction Cup Toothbrush for Toddlers and Preschoolers:

The PRO-SYS®  Sammie the Panda toothbrush helps teach small children about good oral hygiene. Boys and girls ages 2-5 will delight in Sammie’s fun antics that change depending on the design. Assorted colors offer variety and make it easy to differentiate each child’s toothbrush.