Find out how to establish a dental patient referral system during a free September 22 webinar featuring Mark Thackeray, shown.

For any dentist who doesn’t have a formal system for generating patient referrals, a free September 22 webinar offers nine useful strategies. Find out how to establish a patient referral system and increase opportunities for a dental practice during a free webinar featuring the host of The Dental Marketing Secrets Podcast Mark Thackeray.

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Many dental practices simply try to provide the best experience they can…and then hope and pray that referrals come their way. But since referred patients are the best types of new patients, it makes sense to understand how to generate them. A great place to begin: a free September 22 webinar.

Featured speaker, Thackeray, Founder of Practice Rocket, Marketing Strategies, and host of The Dental Marketing Secrets Podcast, will address and detail how it is possible for a dentist to carve out their corner in the market and attract more ideal patients to their dental practice through effective messaging.

From 7 to 8 p.m. ET on September 22, webinar host Kay Huff, the practice solutions ambassador for Benco Dental, will lead the discussion on generating patient referrals.

How did one dental office ‘crack the code’ on new patient referrals and generate 584 referrals in just 12 months?

During the live virtual webinar, Thackeray, a former marketing director for a leading DSO, will dive into how one dental office generated 584 patient referrals in one year’s time.

His key points will include:

  • 9 strategies every dental practice can copy and use
  • instruction on how to design a formalized system to drive patient referrals, and
  • tips on how to get the dental team involved in the process.


Why are new dental patient referrals important to practice growth?

Referral patients tend to trust their dentist more, remain patients longer, accept treatment more easily and even negotiate less on price. This free September 22 webinar explains why referred patients tend to refer other people to your practice.

For any dental professionals who want to learn how to set a formalized system for generating patient referrals, a live virtual webinar this month will provide that knowledge and one CE credit.


What strategies for new dental patient referrals will expert Mark Thackeray share at a complimentary September 22 live virtual dental webinar?

Attendees of the live virtual dental webinar will:

  • understand the psychology behind why people refer,
  • learn how a referral system increases patient referral opportunities, and
  • identify a strategy that works for a dental office.

Attendance is limited to the first 1,000 people who register.

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