Pre-pandemic, savvy health professionals were already learning a new skill that combined the internet, YouTube, and search engines. BUT—as the pandemic and COVID-19 infections grew, so, too, did the time we were spending on our smartphones. Healthcare content creation increased exponentially, including tele-health, doctor-patient portals, and doctors advocating for their profession on social media.

Here is what dentists can learn from millennials, including how they are utilizing social media to boost their new patient appointments. 

In this article, find out what millennial dentists are doing online to boost their new patient appointments, and how baby boomers can learn from them.
In this article, find out what millennial dentists are doing online to boost their new patient appointments, and how baby boomers can learn from them.

3 social media strategies dentists can learn from millennials

1. Marketing 

Patients utilize the internet daily, even for dental questions. They want to research recommended treatments, look at photos, and search their dentist’s website. A generic and dull website, however, can make a patient less enthused about the provider. Strategically utilizing a social media platform elevates your online presence and SEO while allowing you to control your own narrative.  Done right, you can showcase photos, highlight staff, and share your treatment philosophy.  New patients will make a commitment to be a part of your dental family before they even schedule an appointment because they are already invested in you as a provider.

2. Continuing Education

Learning new skills is an essential part of dentistry. Finding classes to elevate and refresh our skills can be difficult. Having an online platform to communicate with other dentists allows for quick and easy link sharing. We can openly and honestly share and review courses that we took, liked, and disliked.  

3. Collaboration

Connecting and networking with individuals who you might not have met, or might have only exchanged numbers with at a conference is different from following someone on social media. Getting a glimpse into another dentist’s day-to-day can give you a sense of community and belonging. It also allows one to see what systems other offices are using that work for them. Pre-dental students often reach out on social media to ask questions and advice.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was not keen on social media, sharing photos or discussing my life in an online web full of strangers. I just did not see how this could benefit my dental practice. How could this be a form of marketing? I have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits of using social media platforms to connect with other dentists, patients, and business professionals. My best advice is to just go for it! Take photos and get creative, there are many ways to incorporate personal flair. 

As a final tip: Team up with a younger dentist who can show you the use of the links, buttons, and algorithms. Consider it an exchange of services, we show you the ins and outs of social media, and you help us navigate through the ever-changing world of dentistry.