Stephenie Goddard, MS, guides the next generation of leaders in the dental community through her role as Chief Experience Officer at Glidewell Dental in Newport Beach, California. Recently honored with The Lucy Hobbs Project Mentor Award, Goddard shares one selfless move an employer can make to help develop leaders within their business.

Glidewell Dental CXO Stephenie Goddard, above, spotlighted in Incisal Edge magazine for her recent Lucy Hobbs Project Mentor Award.

“Consider the future for their employee,” says Goddard In a discussion with Benco Dental Managing Director Chuck Cohen, host of today’s Driving Dentistry Forward podcast.

Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor earned her dental degree in 1866, advancing equality for her gender. She defied nearly a decade of resistance, leading with clinical proficiency and innovative thinking; then she mentored others to do the same. Benco Dental’s Lucy Hobbs Project® annually honors women in dentistry who personify that same spirit.

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As the first female C-suite executive in a male-dominated business, Goddard’s dedication to elevating women in the workplace inspired her to engineer Glidewell’s Guiding Leaders program.

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Which 3 concepts does Lucy Hobbs Project Mentor Stephenie Goddard enlist to develop leaders and empower women nationwide in all facets of business?

  1. “If you’re willing to be a mentor you have to take someone under your wing. It’s intimidating to ask for a mentor.”
  2. “You don’t have to be at the senior level to be a mentor.”
  3. “Realize there’s more talent (among employees) than is being recognized.”

Goddard designed the educational program with the intent of developing future key opinion leaders and fostering mentorship in the dental arena.

Lucy Hobbs Project Mentor Award winner Stephenie Goddard speaks with Chuck Cohen at the Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast here: . (Photo courtesy Glidewell Dental)

“I get personal joy and satisfaction watching people and their careers grow,” she says. “When I came to Glidewell, we didn’t have a learning program at all. We had 1,100 employees, and we kept hiring leaders from outside, while we had this amazing talent inside that just needed to be developed.” (Glidewell today has some 5,000 employees.)

Stephenie Goddard, recipient of the LUCY HOBBS PROJECT MENTOR AWARD

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Every other Thursday, hosts Chuck Cohen and Rick Cohen welcome top influencers in the world of dentistry to share the moments that shaped their careers, changed their outlooks and inspired them to action. Who better to ask than inspirational women in the field, the Lucy Hobbs Project Award recipients?

Today Chuck Cohen speaks with Goddard, who over the last decade and a half, has guided the Southern California manufacturing giant in its launch of Glidewell University, a 10-month leadership development program—an internal mini-MBA, in essence—for midlevel managers, as well as a six-month version for senior management.

How does Goddard successfully elevate women and give them tools to gain the confidence to achieve the next level on their career ladder?

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