The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) suggests celebrating World Interiors Day by attending a lecture or discussion to gain a broad range of expertise. Benco Dental invites you to Build Your Future® dental office design with their new virtual, on-demand learning platform.

IFI World Interiors Day is celebrated around the world throughout the entire month of May, and officially recognized this year tomorrow, Saturday, May 29.

Sounds interesting, but what does that mean for dentistry? It could mean finding a starting point to think differently about your dental practice design.

For any dentist looking to renovate, build or expand, but not sure of the best way to begin, consider an on-demand design workshop in virtual format: Build Your Future®

On Saturday (or today!), immerse yourself in Build Your Future® online via Benco Dental’s learning platform, Benco Dental U, here.

“For the common good, health and safety, we need to identify new ways of working, learning, teaching, communicating, and not to mention, healing in a timely manner.”

International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers

What can you expect from Build Your Future On-Demand?

Available within a robust online learning platform, virtual Build Your Future features:

  • over a dozen design-centric content modules.
  • on demand, self-paced access to practical and applicable information
  • a range of experts who can answer your questions and offer valuable advice across applicable specialties, including Dr. Tristan Hamilton, one of America’s leading experts in dentistry and architecture, and Melissa Sprau, NCIDQ, Benco Dental Director of Design.

Got one minute? Hear from a few of those experts here.

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