In high school, Kuljit Singh learned the power of self-confidence and the role a dentist can play in creating it. Today, that lesson to make a difference in people’s lives guides Kuljit Singh BDS, DDS, during his dental residency at Harlem Health Hospital.

“My friend was constantly made fun of for having crooked teeth and braces. When the braces came off, his personality changed. He got off the wall and became the cool kid. He gained self-confidence.”

Dr. Kuljit Singh

Growing up in post 9/11 New York City, Singh always knew he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. With dentistry, he found a way.

“I shadowed dental offices throughout high school, but during my senior year I realized I did not know enough about my culture or religion,” Dr. Singh said. When the year ended, he traveled to India to attend dental school in Punjab and treat members of underserved communities.

“There were so many people who did not even know about brushing your teeth,” he said. “When I returned to the United States, I felt very fortunate. There were nights in India when I studied with candlelight and took freezing showers.” Upon returning home, Singh began prepping for his two years of dental school at the University of California, San Francisco.

“After graduating from UCSF in 2020, I wanted to do a residency back in New York City,” Dr. Singh said. He is currently enrolled in a residency program at the Icahn School of Dental Medicine at Mount Sinai and he is matched into pediatrics at Harlem Health Hospital.

“I see so many kids losing their teeth at such a young age. I want to make a difference with kids and teach them how to care for their teeth.”

Dr. Kuljit Singh

Dr. Singh is still in the learning process, but is working to return the favor of mentorship to others.

“I am constantly asking my attendings for ways I can do better. The learning process never ends in dentistry,” he said. “And you’re not a dentist, you are a teacher. You represent your community – the leaders of tomorrow.”

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