Eighty-two percent of Americans “believe straight, bright teeth help get you ahead in life,” according to a 2015 American Dental Association Health Policy Institute survey. As the professionals keeping those mouths healthy with comprehensive care, dentists can add other patient benefits during office visits such as teeth whitening. To understand how to accomplish all that while making the hygiene team happier in the process, read on.

Why whitening treatments offer an ideal method to market a dental practice.

Cosmetic dentistry can help dentists, and their practice teams, have more meaningful conversations with patients, which ultimately equals better experiences and improved quality of care.  GLO Science™ Professional offers a few tips to help dentists incorporate whitening into their marketing strategies.

  • Create Incentives/Contests. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win something or get a free service? Highlight products with giveaways to drive traffic on social and increase online followers.
  • Engage on Social Media. With patients so connected to their phones and computers, dentists will want to take full advantage of this form of communication. Facebook contests, Instagram videos, images, and testimonials are all effective ways to engage with existing and new followers. 
  • Market Results in Addition to Services. Showing side-by-side whitening comparisons and smile transformations from the practice will help illustrate the difference professional teeth whitening has on smiles and overall oral health.
  • Email Reminders, Sales, and Promotions. Dental marketing newsletters are proven to drive 70 percent higher call volume than traditional postcards. 

How whitening treatments can add new opportunities for the dental team.

When in-office whitening is scheduled as a hygiene service, it offers convenience to patients, but also benefits the team. Dr. Lee Ann Brady explains how it diversifies a hygienist’s schedule and provides opportunities for bonus revenue.

“When we first began this, the spark of engagement and excitement in the eyes of both my hygienists was revealing. For them, this is new learning; it expands the variety of their day and their role in the office. They are…excited to take on this new challenge and I know will advocate for our patient’s scheduling whitening services.”

Lee Ann Brady, DMD, in her article Is Whitening a Hygiene Service

Dr. Brady adds that whitening is a productive service on a hygiene schedule and can also be a low production service on the doctor’s schedule.

With GLO Science Professional, for example, the amount of chairtime required is very minimal– allowing practices to see more whitening patients.

Discussion of a future whitening treatment can add value to a hygiene visit

Even without actually offering a whitening visit to a patient, hygienists taking a shade adds value and gives patients something to think about or look forward to for a next visit. It’s an educational opportunity that builds rapport. (Read about additional ways to make a hygiene appointment valuable here.)

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