To say that 2020 was a challenging year – in dentistry and everywhere else besides– would be a gross understatement. Yet one of the biggest virtues of our profession is its ceaseless inventiveness, even amid a global pandemic. Read all the highlights in innovation, dental practice design, success strategies, and more in the spring issue of Incisal Edge here.

After reading the spring issue of Incisal Edge, you’ll know…

  • the top 5 innovative products by sales
  • people, products, events and ideas that spurred the world of dentistry forward this year
  • which two new members were inducted into the Incisal Edge Dental Innovators Hall of Fame
  • lessons three innovative young doctors learned during the pandemic that helped them grow professionally
Drs. Pasha Hakimzadeh and Ben Reyhani
Connie Wang
  • the secret of how two friends from USC Dental perfected the dental concierge dentistry model across six practices in California
  • what Smile Brands CEO Steve Bilt learned overseeing hundreds of locations across dozens of states — and how that knowledge can benefit IDPs
  • why Tufts Dental’s Connie Wang recommends stress management and why she doesn’t plan too far ahead
  • how doctors can use real estate to build wealth (and where to find a helpful white paper on the topic)
  • how the Smiles for Everyone Foundation has delivered over $25 million in donated dentistry across seven countries

Looking for a few new dental practice success strategies?

Find them on a variety of topics in every Incisal Edge. In this issue, gain insight on:

Hygienist, Marketing Guru, Author Minal Simpat
Oral Surgeon Dr. Jason Auerbach aka BTG
  • Practice Transitions with Dr. James M. Clark| Six things you need to know to get your deal done until the pandemic ends.
  • Patient Experience with Minal Sampat and Dan Gingiss | How you can set yourself apart in today’s consumer environment
  • Smart Design with Melissa Sprau | Refine your dental practice brand and apply it to your office environment to promote patient loyalty
  • Social Media from Influencer Dr. Jason Auerbach aka bloodytoothguy | Encourage followers on your social accounts to act positively.

Need a dose of dental history to entertain patients chairside?

Dental artifact from Larry Cohen’s vintage collection

Award-winning columnist Larry Cohen shows a surveyor with a two-headed handpiece from his vintage collection then tells why it was a pain in more ways than one.