Back in December, offered tips from the American Dental Association and other ideas to help your dental practice prepare for National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Each February delivers a special opportunity for education about the benefits of good oral health to children, their caregivers, teachers and many others. This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated professionals, healthcare providers, and educators for this important purpose.

What better time than this month to focus on innovations, equipment and other offerings to make each visit for young patients a positive experience?

14 ideas for young patients at your dental practice during National Children’s Dental Health Month

  1. ReLeaf Minis for smaller mouths
    Ivory® ReLeaf, a hands free, HVE suction device, assists practitioners with evacuation, isolation, retraction and maintaining a dry field during hygiene and dental procedures. ReLeaf, from Kulzer, enables clinicians and hygienists to work in all four quadrants easily and efficiently. New ReLeaf Mini leaves (shown) are 25% smaller and allow for safe, comfortable use for pediatric patients, elderly patients and those with TMJ and smaller arches. Learn more here.

2. Throat Scope Intraoral Examination Medical Starter Pack with 50 Depressors.
Throat Scope illuminating tongue depressor and retraction device provides easy, fast and accurate intraoral examination. Throat Scope by Holland Healthcare provides the user with a free hand to position a patient’s head in place and provides a light source located directly inside the mouth. This allows for a fast, accurate and pleasant oral cavity examination experience for both parties. Handle consists of three high power LEDs with a five-year shelf life and is completely enclosed, providing peace of mind around usage with small children. The handle doubles as a flashlight and includes a lanyard attachment for easy access. Illuminating depressors are individually wrapped and are able to be recycled after use. Learn more here.

Kinder Krowns Esthetic Pediatric Crowns

3. Zirconia Kinder Krowns® Esthetic Pediatric Crowns

Just as in adult dentistry, the demand for cosmetic services and esthetic restorations in pediatric dentistry is increasing annually. To answer this demand, more dentists are turning to zirconia as their material of choice. Zirconia pediatric crowns offer esthetics, durability and biocompatibility that no other material on the market can offer. Zirconia Kinder Krowns offer an esthetic restoration that will provides unrivaled esthetics, and will also hold up until the deciduous tooth exfoliates. Learn more here.

DCI Pediatric Chair Cushion

4. DCI Pediatric Chair Cushion

The DCI Pediatric Chair Cushion’s patented design puts patient comfort at the forefront by boosting care and support. Available in numerous colors, it offers benefits such as a tracking cushion that moves with the chair back and keeps the young patient’s head in position. An adjustable strap allows the cushion to fit on any chair. Contact a Friendly Benco Rep or call 1.800.GOBENCO for details.

5. DentaCalm™ Weighted Blanket

For dentists who treat nervous or special needs patients, a weighted blanket can greatly improve their sense of comfort. DentaCalm™ weighted blankets apply deep touch pressure to muscles and joints, so that a sensory input signals the brain to release serotonin. This encourages a release of natural melatonin, which leads to feelings of relaxation and reduced anxiety. DentaCalm™ weighted blankets apply soothing compression to the body, mimicking the feeling of being hugged or held. The pediatric model, at seven pounds, is made with medical-grade, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, woven nylon fabric that can be wiped clean with pre-saturated disinfectant wipes or thrown into a front-loading washing machine. The blanket conforms to disinfectant protocols for multi-patient use environments. Learn more about options to heat or cool here.

6. iMask™ Disposable Face Mask

Disposable masks from PacDent protect children from pollen and other harmful particles in the air. Made from ultra soft non-woven material, these masks provide comfort and breathability, and do not chafe the skin. The ASTM Level 3 medical face masks feature child-friendly prints in two colors, shown. Learn more here.

7. SafeMask Premier Pediatric Procedural White, Pleated Ear Loop Face Mask ASTM Level 1 

The child-friendly polka dot design of the SafeMask Premier Pediatric Face Mask aims to make wearing a mask more fun. At the same time it conforms to small faces to provide optimal respiratory protection. Designed specifically for patients age four to 12 years, the mask offers soft, stretchy, ultrasonically-sealed and latex-free ear loops that will not irritate delicate skin. High-quality materials provide ASTM Level 1 protection, soft fabric ensures comfort and breathability, and child-appropriate sizing creates a reliable fit.

8. Zooby® Pediatric Bib

Welcome Allie the Alligator, Francesca the Flamingo, Talon the Tiger, Toby the Turtle, and Penelope the Penguin into your practice as you transform your young patients into one of five Zooby® characters. Each Zooby Pediatric bib from Young features the body of an animal and acts as a costume that your pediatric patients will love. Zooby’s® pediatric-size bib (13.5 x 9 inches) is two-ply poly and non-permeable. Learn more here.

9. Molded Bracket Ties

Aqua, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Carolina Blue, Clear, Coral, Emerald Green, Fuchsia, Glow in the Dark, Gold, Gray, Ivory, Kelly, Lilac, Magenta, Marigold, Midnight Blue, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Orange, Pearl, Periwinkle, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Smoke, Sparkle Blue, Sparkle Green, Sparkle Red, Teal, Turquoise, White, Yellow.
A colorful palette arrives for your patients with molded bracket ties by Young Specialties. Their latex-free medical grade elastomeric offers strength and rebound. Ligatures are easily separated from the stick and are a perfect color match with their power chain. Patient size, shown, contains 42 sticks with 24 ties on each stick (1,008 count). Learn more here.

10. PRO-SYS Kids Giraffe Flossers.

How Do Giraffes Take Naps? Where Does A Giraffe Go to Bed? Imagine how perfectly PRO-SYS Kids Giraffe Flossers will complement the endless zoo-themed naptime and bedtime stories young patients love. More importantly, consider how the fun giraffe-shaped dental floss pick is created just for little hands. An easy-to-grasp handle makes dental care fun for kids and parents. The flosser heads specifically designed for childrens’ oral care removes plaque and food. Flavor free, they’re crowd pleasers. Learn more here.

11. Triple Bristle™ Sonic Kids Toothbrush

With a compact brush head, Triple Bristle@ Sonic Kids toothbrush kids is ideal for children and those with smaller mouths. It’s three-sided brush head cleans all sides at one time. It offers: three cleaning modes (clean, sensitive, and massage), a two-minute timer with 30-second prompt, fun stickers to decorate your Triple Bristle, a small square charging base to save space. The Triple Bristle holds a full charge for up to two weeks. Learn more here.

12. PRO-SYS® Kids Soft 25-Tuft Toothbrush

Soft DuPont™ Tynex® .007 bristles surrounded by extra soft .006 bristles are gentle on young teeth and gums. PRO-SYS® Kids Soft 25-Tuft toothbrush provides thumb and finger grips that combine for excellent grip and control. Ideal for children ages 6 to 10. Learn more here.

13. PRO-SYS® Kids Fluoride Toothgel

PRO-SYS® toothgel prevents and reduces tooth decay. ADA accepted, it contains sodium fluoride 0.24% w/w (0.15%w/v fluoride ion) and is recommended for children, two years and older, and adults. Did we mention the yummy bubble gum flavor? Learn more here.

14. Sherman Specialty

For kids, one of the most memorable moments during a trip to the dentist’s office is searching through the treasure trove of fun for their perfect toy surprise at visit’s end. Sherman Specialty Company, Inc. takes fun seriously with everything from a literal Treasure Chest assortment of toys, to smiley superballs, glitter tooth savers, wind-up monster teeth, bead bracelets, stretch men, bubble crayons, neon sticky teeth, animal print sunglasses, die cast cars and an endless array of every entertaining item on a young patient’s wish list. That’s not to say Sherman Specialty doesn’t offer prizes of the more practical variety parents love, too: two-minute brushing timers in a rainbow of colors – some with cute tooth caps! Learn more here.