Creating  a “mood board” is just one step dentists can take to define a personal brand and help their practice stand out.

Dr. Mariel Petruk’s Tarpon River Dental practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers inspiration on how to get started. Shown above, a mood board created by Interior Designer Taylor Haight makes use of Dr. Petruk’s key terms to help determine her practice’s aesthetic.

When Dr. Petruk decided to open her first practice in Tarpon River, she was determined to go to market with a brand that would be immediately welcomed by patients.

“I wanted the office to feel like it really belonged in the neighborhood,” she says. “I thought that a beachy, down-to-earth, bright-and-light style would feel comfortable for patients as well as for the staff.”

Dr. Mariel Petruk

Haight assembled a mood board based on the doctor’s ideas. “As a native Floridian, Dr. Petruk was drawn to the bright and beautiful colors seen throughout the Key West area. We started by gathering images that Dr. Petruk was inspired by as a basis for the design,” Haight says.

“The keywords that inspired her space were: Key West cottage, comfortable, inviting and open. She wanted a space that her patients would love to visit, representative of the local surroundings. We picked the key color palette from a picture of seashells, and the design developed and blossomed from there.”

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