Earlier this season, NFL Head Coach Sean McDermott credited Stefon Diggs with bringing “energy” to the Buffalo Bills offense and “a lot of intangibles” to the team.

Diggs was caught on camera during a frustrating loss to Kansas City in Week 6, according to ESPN’s Marcel Louis-Jacques, exhibiting, of all things — encouragement — to his teammates.

Is anyone surprised, then, that Sunday, while the Buffalo Bills won their first division title in 25 years, the wide receiver demonstrated good oral hygiene to the masses?

The NFL season-leader in receptions took a moment to floss his teeth with speed, zest, and, let’s call it, nonconformist style.
Later, he even responded to a Twitter hailstorm with a plug for Vitamin C.

Fast forward to next week’s home field playoff game against the Colts. What other healthy habits can be expected on the sidelines from Diggs? Meditation, yin yoga, gratitude journaling?

For the Bills’ sake, here’s hoping it’s a celebratory dance-style flossin’.