Dentists may be thinking the time has passed to invest in ambient air quality. Yet, from patient aerosols to chemicals, there were plenty of threats worth protecting against before the pandemic, and those will still be serious dangers after it fades from daily thoughts.  

A layered approach can effectively address threats at the source, as well as ambient air quality. For most practices, that means applying a combination of aerosol capture devices and air purifiers. 

Read about a few options here and a full article at the Benco Dental Learning Center.

What’s right for your practice? How freestanding air filtration units and installed units fit in.

Freestanding air filtration units instantly add an extra layer of protection in any room. 

  • These are ideal for practices without central HVAC, or smaller practices with less air to filter, or any practice that wants to implement a familiar solution that’s also impossible for patients to miss.  
  • Nearly every unit here takes just minutes…or less…to set up. No professional installation is required; they’re similar to the units most people use at home, only they’re more capable and professional grade.  
  • These can move from room to room as needed and also to a new office if you relocate.  

Installed options can be a permanent part of your practice.

  • Can be tailored to work seamlessly in tandem your individual HVAC system.
  • They take up zero floor space; in-duct units leave more room for new technology like extraoral suction units that capture aerosols at the source. 
  • Installation is generally easy and can be handled quickly by your local HVAC service provider or contractor.
  • Maintenance is generally very low.
  •  Since they’re completely out of sight, they create less distracting and anxiety-inducing visual clutter. Remember: Because they’re hidden, it’s important to tell patients they’re there, quietly keeping them safe.