Women's Dentist Crew Socks, $7, from Hotsox.com.
Women’s Dentist Crew Socks, $7, from Hotsox.com

Sure, you’d love to receive the latest dental-themed socks, a year’s supply of N95 masks and see 100 new patients schedule appointments in December and January at your practice.

Sometimes, though, rather than waiting for those dream gifts to magically appear, taking a proactive approach is best.

With that in mind, in lieu of our traditional Daily Floss gift guide, we’ve enlisted the services of a few personal shoppers at Benco Dental to create 12 Days of Holiday Cheer you can gift yourself , your patients and team. Bonus: no gift wrapping required.

View the first few here today, and return daily to see the remainder.
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Sing it with us: On the first day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

One gift of KNOWLEDGE!

Benco Practice Solutions infographic.

Dreaming about reclaiming your losses and being more profitable? The Benco Practice Coaching team are mind readers.

Reevaluate the current systems. Find tips to improve practice performance, and discover ways a dental practice can excel in 2021. Let Benco’s Practice Coaching address the areas for improvement and begin with a free, no-obligation consult with Director of Coaching Kay Huff.

>> Email practicecoaching@benco.com or contact a Friendly Benco Rep to learn more.

On the second day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A Gift of TIME!

Dentists save time when Benco Dental interior designers research the trends and finishes for them, guide them through material selections and answer contractor questions.

See their work in action:

Smile Design Studios, a 2,750-square-foot masterwork of a dental office in Missouri City, Texas, just outside Houston.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Simone Ellis achieved success on her terms at Smile Design Studios, her 2,750-square-foot masterwork in Missouri City, Texas, just outside Houston (shown). Her goal for the renovated practice: “scream-to-the-moon” aesthetic appeal.

Interior Designer Taylor Haight was part of the team of experts who helped Dr. Ellis create an atmosphere of elegance: gold accents and modern lighting augmented by a bold, crisp color palette.

“I’m the kind of person who’s ‘extra’ in my own way,” the doctor says. “If something is sparkly or brightly colored, I’m all over it. Here, I could bring the elements of the metals but add clean lines. I wanted it cohesive, modern and high-tech.”

* Scheduling in 2020 offers the added bonus of early-bird rates (shown below). Starting January 1, 2021, there will be a $500 increase in interior design fees.

An infographic detailing Benco Dental's interior design offerings.

>> Contact Taylor and the rest of the CenterPoint Design team today at design@benco.com to get started.

On the third day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A Gift of DATA

For any dental practice that aims to grow, knowing where to focus efforts is the best way to begin. If someone were to hand you a unique roadmap for your practice, across six categories backed by 12 months of your own data, it might help, right?

Benco Dental and Dental Intelligence will email a printable PDF of expert advice and analysis on these topics:

  • Hygiene Department
  • Fee Opportunity
  • Fee Schedule Comparison
  • Restorative Treatment
  • Major films
  • Periodontal care
  • Exams

In addition, they’ll send benchmarks to show how your performance ranks against 7000 other dental practices across multiple performance metrics.

>> Click to learn more about a free growth report.

An image of Benco's free growth report lying on a table with the words "Get it FREE" superimposed next to it.

On the fourth day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…


There’s a reason the iconic Herman Miller Aeron chair, shown, is the only office furniture to be part of a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art: Its singular style and comfort is revolutionary. (Read more about the men in the MoMA. )

In 1994 when Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf redesigned the regular office chair, their creation, Aeron, became the forerunner in ergonomics and material innovation. Back then it was the first to provide a comfortable solution without having to use environmentally harmful materials such as foam, fabric or leather. 

Twenty-six years later (and remastered by Chadwick in 2016) it’s still the most health-positive, cross-performing, inclusively sized and environmentally sensitive chair going.

Three Herman Miller Aeron chairs.
The Herman Miller Aeron chair
Three Mirra2 chairs: one blue and two dark gray.

Mirra2, shown, is the contemporary take on an office chair. Designed to support people who work in a constant state of motion, Mirra 2’s dynamic surfaces respond to the slightest movement. Without compromising on comfort and ergonomics, it adds a pop of fun colors in any space.

>> Contact 1.800.GOBENCO or your Friendly Benco Equipment Specialist today to learn more about Herman Miller’s 12-year warranty.

On the fifth day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift to your staff and to the environment

OperaDDS paperless forms offered by Benco allow your office to send your patient intake packet and consent forms via text, email, recall, or host them on your website for patients to complete on their own device.

Your patients will love the convenience and safety, and your team will love that the information populates your practice management system (no more data entry) and keeps everyone safe!

A black women smiling at her tablet device. A pop-out image displays forms and smartphone links that the software offers.

On the sixth day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift of space

As treatment and care processes continually evolve, the challenge is to keep facilities relevant. Herman Miller Compass cabinet components are easily assembled, removed, rearranged, and refreshed without demolition, and utilities can be easily accessed, added, or modified. Compass can be used to create hygiene rooms, doctor’s rooms, caregiver work areas, and other clinical spaces. The 16″ Compass cabinets are the slimmest dental cabinets on the market, helping you save much needed space in your operatories while giving you the flexibility of reconfiguring your cabinets in the future and it’s seamless design and integrated surfaces make infection prevention easy.

Talk to your friendly Benco rep on how to incorporate Compass in your office or call 1.800.GOBENCO

The side workstation in a dental office, including a dentist's chair with an armrest, a large computer monitor screen, and a small sink.

On the seventh day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift of guidance

Are you looking to buy or sell a practice, need help finding partnership for your practice or looking to hire an associate? Benco Practice Lifecycle coaching can help! Our Practice Lifecycle Team is here to support and guide you through the process. Connect with our Practice Lifecycle team.

Through the remainder of 2020, our associate placement services will be provided free of charge both to the hiring dentist and the associate. Moving forward, a nominal fee will be charged to the hiring dentist upon successful placement of a candidate.

Benco Practice Transitions infographic.

On the eighth day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift of wellness

Simply putting a team space on your priority list offers the ability to show staff members they are appreciated, respected and their wellness matters to you. Provide space for them to wind down at end of the day or host huddles that generate positivity. Nothing says “Thank You” and builds camaraderie like a comfortable, congenial team space. Connect with our Design team at design@benco.com to create for your staff an area of respite.

A workplace kitchen featuring white tables and modern wood cabinets, a sink, silver fridge, and microwave.

On the ninth day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift of greater peace of mind

Hackers are targeting dental offices to access patient data. The threat is real. When patients become aware that their health records are part of a data leak, the negative effects are significant. It can lead to the loss of patients’ trust in the dental practice. In health and in hacking, prevention is always better than the cure. If you would like to know how you can secure your data the best way, contact your Friendly Benco Rep today.

Visit our Learning Center to learn why prevention is always better than the cure: here

A shadowy figure in a hooded sweatshirt sitting at a laptop.

On the 10th day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift of visual safety

Alleviating the fears of dental patients is job one for every doctor, and any opportunity to offer an atmosphere of comfort in a post-COVID environment is welcome. For patient well being, a space not only needs to be safe but it has to also feel safe. Many alternatives are available to create visual safety in open bays at dental practices, including dividers/partitions and hospital curtains. Contact our Design team at design@benco.com to know more on how to make patients feel safe in your office.

A well-lit dental office decorated with warm neutral tones fading into bright oranges.

On the 11th day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift of clean air

In a dental office, aerosols and contaminated air produced at the point of care are best contained in closed operatories, where a sealed room increases the effectiveness of air purification. Extraoral suction through freestanding units, or integrated systems that connect to the building’s ductwork can add another layer of protection, especially in an open bay environment. Connect with our Design team at design@benco.com to create safer and healthier spaces for your patients, staff and you.

A 3D blueprint sketch of a dental office.

On the 12th day of Holiday Cheer, Benco gives to you…

A gift of money

Let Benco experts help you confidently raise your fees to help protect your business and your patients. Protect your profitability. Schedule your Revenue Analysis Consultation today! For more information, please reach out to practicecoaching@benco.com.

Digitally generated image of hundred dollar bills floating in the air.