Most people see jet lag as a deterrent to international travel, but Dr. Michael Apa is not most people.

“I don’t really get true jet lag. Well, I guess I do, but I enjoy it,” he jokes in a conversation with Driving Dentistry Podcast host Rick Cohen.

With offices in New York, Dubai, and Los Angeles, and a line of luxury oral care cosmetics, Dr. Apa is fulfilling his vision to bring the very best in aesthetic dentistry to a global clientele.

“I’ve never had to say I need to get energized. I get excited to go and be tired and get an hour alone at 4 in the morning when it’s peaceful and quiet. It never once was work.”

Why Dubai? How did a young dentist from upstate New York ingratiate himself to the “Michael Jordan of dentistry”? What’s the worst advice Dr. Apa has ever received? Listen to the podcast to find out, and learn the advice one of Dentistry’s Most Influential People would offer to his 28-year-old self.

After viewing this videocast, you’ll know…

  • how an audiotape at an 11th grade career day changed his course,
  • why he left his residency at NYU to bleach teeth at a spa, and
  • which two podcasts help him decompress on weekends.

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