As leader of the world’s source for dental safety, Michelle Lee dedicates her talents to one mission: ensuring that “every dental visit is a safe visit.”

The Executive Director of the Organization for Safety Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) draws from more than 30 years of experience in the dental and healthcare industries and a natural ability for networking to make that magic happen. Prior to OSAP, Lee worked at DDS Staffing Resources as president and CEO, where she specialized in temporary and direct hire staffing in healthcare.

Every other Thursday on the Driving Dentistry Forward podcast and videocast, hosts Rick Cohen and Chuck Cohen will converse with thought leaders accelerating change across dentistry, healthcare, business and media. Among their first guests: Incisal Edge 32 Most Influential People in dentistry.

Today, in a discussion on Benco’s Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast with host Rick Cohen, Lee talks about how she can tell OSAP is achieving its mission in a post-Covid environment, why the Centers for Disease Control enlisted OSAP to conduct three listening sessions with dentists, and why she’s been named one of Dentistry’s Most Influential People.

How did the “riskiest hire” a dental staffing firm ever made evolve into the leader of the preeminent international source for dental safety? Why did a plane ride convince two pioneers in the infection control industry that the world needed OSAP? Who is on Michelle Lee’s speed dial? Listen to the podcast to find out.

After viewing this videocast, you’ll know…

  • the absolute worst excuse from an applicant who missed an interview,
  • which message Michelle Lee would like to post on billboard, and
  • why OSAP created luggage grips pre-COVID.

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