Fall and pumpkin spice. Chocolate and peanut butter. Dentists and Halloween.

Usually, that third combo calls to mind ADA advice for a healthy Halloween, dental office candy buybacks that benefit charitable causes (a clever concept created by dentists ), or dental-friendly seasonal treats (Mini skateboards? Yes! Gummy bears? No!).

Not today.

Instead, spend a moment in awe of a few other examples of true dental ingenuity.

Dr. Eyal Simchi’s pediatric dental magic garnered millions of views on social media platforms and media coverage .

1. Tricks.

New Jersey pediatric dentist, Dr. Eyal Simchi, holds the attention of young patients and millions of viral video viewers globally with the best type of magic: sleight of hand that allays dental fears.

Visit the Riverfront Smiles Facebook page for more examples of how one Rutgers alum inspires with chairside magic and innovative dentistry.

No fluff. A dentist and a confectioner popularized cotton candy in the U.S.

2. Treats

Why would a dentist invent edible puffs of pure sugar? Not sure.
But, cotton candy fans can thank Dr. William Morrison and John C. Wharton’s 1897 collaboration, and a popular reception of their “fairy floss” at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.

Did European celebrity and home chefs create this confection first? Find out here – and don’t forget to brush – and Floss – if you sample any.

American Heroes Channel offers insight into a Pennsylvania dentist’s bat bomb.

3. Bat Bombs.

FDR. WWII. Marsupials transporting weapons. Who else could link these three concepts together but an inventive dentist?

“This man is not a nut.”

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s comment about bat bomb inventor Dr. Lytle Adams

Don’t believe the “Coolest Mammals on Earth” , a k a bats, were ever considered as top secret weapons by the U.S. National Research Defense Committee? Then it’s time for a history lesson about Pennsylvania practitioner Dr. Lytle Adams, a good friend of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

“Before there were guided missiles and drones, there was the bat bomb.”

Erik Brown, contributor at Medium.com

Don’t believe it? Check out the American Heroes Channel’s video.

Oh, and Happy Halloween from TheDailyFloss.com.

American Heroes Channel offers insight into a Pennsylvania dentist’s bat bomb.