In three weeks, Veterans Day will honor United States’ true heroes. What better time than now to support the people who once served our country but currently don’t have access to dental care.

The Lifeline Heroes Challenge In Support of Veterans is underway to assist the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program with a focus on helping veterans with special needs. It is generously supported by many companies such as Delta Dental, Guardian, Patterson Dental, Henry Schein and Benco Dental.

Interested in how you can help provide oral care for Veterans?

Learn more about Lifeline Heroes Challenge in support of veterans here.

Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) connects those who cannot afford dental care, people with disabilities or who are medically fragile, and the elderly to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. This national network of DDS volunteer dentists and laboratories provide free, comprehensive and often life-saving dental treatment.

“These veterans served their country for all of us, and the least we can do is try and give back to them.”

Fred Leviton, DLN President & CEO, stated about support for the Lifeline Heroes Challenge

Annually, Dental Lifeline Network organizes the following events, among others, in support of the Donated Dental Services program and those they support with services:

* Lifeline Heroes Challenge, a fundraising and awareness campaign for DLN’s Donated Dental Services program. All funds raised support DDS, especially the veteran patients.

* “Volunteer to See a Vet,” a chance for dental labs and dentists to change lives throught the flagship DDS program

Want to support veterans in need?

Individuals and dental offices can help, too, by visiting: